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ResiWeek 272: Lower Price Points

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It’s that time of season where Matt is feisty and despite being almost May there is snow in the midwest. Even so, we will endeavor to bring you the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Owner of TruMedia Home Amanda Wildman, Executive Editor for Residential Tech Today Jeremy Glowacki and Founder & CEO of Home Theater Advisors Mark Feinberg.

Parks Associates reports from their Smart Home Tracker that 44% of consumers list extensive pricing as their reasoning to not own or intend to purchase smart home devices. Some companies have tried to overcome this with simpler devices and less costly alternatives. What if anything is going to flip the opinion of smart home devices? Is it a perception problem that integrators can work with or something else entirely? Is this going to be a problem for the custom installation channel? Looking at what is causing this technological divide for consumers.

Next we look at an article concerning the biggest frustrations that integrator hold with manufacturers and distributors. Considering we have a few of them on this very show, we could probably run a whole hour with our own venting. And while that can be fun, we instead want to take a look at the why. What’s causing these problems in the chain? How can manufacturers and distributors take these criticisms to heart and make our industry as good as it can be?

Host: Matt Scott
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