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ResiWeek 357: A Day One Challenge

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Mark’s got his soft focus going on. That must be the holiday spirit! But regardless of what time it is, we’re here to look at the latest news for the AV industry. Joining us to discuss the residential side of things is Executive Editor for CE Pro Arlen Schweiger and Founder of Home Theater Advisors Mark Feinberg.

4 out of 5 workers say salary is not keeping up with inflation. many are contemplating changing careers. What can integrators do to combat the concerns of the looming recession to keep the industry going?

A recent survey reports that 4 out of 5 workers feel their salary is not keeping up with recent inflation.’s Work & Financial Wellness Report found that nearly half are looking for higher-paying jobs or side work as a new recession looms over the next year. What can integrators do to assuage these concerns, and keep the industry going? Looking at what this recession will mean for the residential space.

We next look at an article from Henry Clifford about Getting into A “Day 1” Mindset. As the title would imply, it suggest taking a look at your business with fresh eyes and looking at your process as if you had just started the business. We are at a state in the industry that many companies are decades old and now family inheritance. Would a view from a different angle really change things up?

The company running CES says that their 2023 show will be at least 50 percent larger than last year’s. But to be fair, last year was a considerable drop even if it was the show’s return to the physical space. CES is always an interesting show as a consumer to look at crazy technology and innovations. But as an integrator, does it have any merit? Looking at the upcoming show and what value it could provide for our industry.

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