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ResiWeek 362: It’s Not The Standard (It’s How You Use It)

The Next Room is The Car

Even in 2023, we’re here to bring you the latest news in the residential side of the AV industry! And here with us is a panel of experts to do just that. Joining us this week is Executive Editor for CE Pro Jason Knott and Senior Vice President of CEDIA Giles Sutton.

We’re hot off the heels of CES 2023, and both of our guests actually made their way to the show! And not to our editor’s credit, that was legitimate happenstance. But we’ll take the opportunity to ask them about the show as both consumers of technology as well as the integrator’s side of things. Was there anything that the residential space should be looking out for at the show? Wrapping up CES and the veritable future of solutions.

Somewhat apropos of CES, we look at ways to install sound systems in the bathroom. Bathroom AV is not entirely new, but since most solution are electric in some way, they don’t quite mix well with water. Even so, we are seeing a rise in interest to bring AV systems into this particular area. What should integrators know when it comes to the bathroom and AV?

Host: Matt Scott
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