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ResiWeek 364: Breathing New Life

Design Matters

Can we call it a ‘slow start’ to the year if we’re already bumping up against one of the biggest trade shows in the business, ISE 2023? Well, whether your year has been a snail-paced or breakneck, the news doesn’t stop. That’s why we’re here to look at the biggest stories of the week for the residential side of the AV industry and discuss it with some professionals in the business. We are joined by Southtown AV’s owner Heather Sidorowicz and the Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance Mitchell Klein.

Smart home automation company Shelly showed off some DIY solutions during CES 2023. In addition to their specific functions like the smoke alarm and energy meter, these devices can be utilized as wi-fi extenders and Bluetooth gateways allowing for a fully stocked smart home experience. Where can integrators use these solutions in the home space? Discussing where Shelly and other IoT devices belong when setting up a smart home.

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Leon Speakers is setting up to show new designer solutions at ISE 2023. If you’re never heard of the show somehow, not only do we have an entire series dedicated to our Road to ISE 2023, but we even talked to Sales Development Manager Caitlin Stewart about what Leon will be doing at the show. We discuss the design aspect of their audio solutions and how integrators can get clients to make the jump to those devices.

Apple has relaunched the HomePod speaker. You might not had known, considering how coy they played the announcement. Rather than showcase at CES or have a virtual event, this was simply a press release in an email to journalists. Is this squalid fanfare a sense of how much stock in the product? Even Matt, self-professed Apple fanboy is struggling to find the use. Should there be a reason anyone in our industry should be taking stock?

Host: Matt Scott
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