Friday, December 8, 2023
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ResiWeek 384: AppleVision

The Goggles, They Do Nothing

News does not stop for trade shows. If anything, it only increases. But considering we’re right at the top of InfoComm 2023, most of this news on the residential side of things isn’t quite in that realm. Even so, we have a panel of experts in the AV space to discuss the latest stories. Joining us this week is Owner of TruMedia Home Amanda Wildman, and Operations Manager for Premiere SAV Ian Bryant.

Just like the intro said, InfoComm 2023 has started by the time this episode drops! Which means we can’t actually cover any of the news or going-ons of the show itself… But AVNation can! Check out all of our coverage of the show as it transpires right on our site! But since we’re here, we have a small chat about what to expect from the show.

Ring has been accused of illegal surveillance by the FTC. They claim that the company has compromised their customers’ privacy and videos due to a lack of security protection. Since the story dropped, Ring has already opted to pay the fine, but it still represents a potential problem for integrators being asked for these systems. How can we educate our clients about these privacy problems, and how will lawsuits like this affect the security AV space?

Canadian lighting fixture manufacturer Liteline is looking to target the custom installation channel. Part of the insistence on the coverage is because our host is Canadian, but since shows like Lightapalooza have been taking the stage lighting is more important that ever for integrators to be involved in. We discuss building those relationships with electricians and the lighting space in general.

Finally, Apple held their annual WWDC show, highlighting new products in their lineup. Much attention was put on the Apple Vision Pro, a headset set at $3499 amidst a host of features. While the editor would love to marvel at the different cans of worms involved, there were other products that integrators would care more about. Things like the AppleTV 4K built for conferencing and support for Dolby Vision 8.1. We discuss what the clients will want and if we should cater to that or gently guide them to potentially better fitting products.

Host: Matt Scott
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