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The IT Factor 47: Hack The Network

Hacks & Frauds

As our world becomes more connected with technology like the internet of things, systems have the dangers of becoming more open to security threats. Cybersecurity is something that is sometimes forgotten about in businesses until it is too late. How many times have we seen a major company get hacked and leak information that costs them up to millions of dollars in damages? You would think that because of that we would all want to be on the ball when it comes to cybersecurity. Today we are going to have that discussion, and with us to talk about cybersecurity is Senior Enigneer for Cigna Mark Okern and AV Service Technician for AVI-SPL Anthony Tippy. We look at the stigma surrounding hackers and the truth of the matter, how businesses can stay aware and bolster their cybersecurity measures, and get a (frankly terrifying) look at the IoT search engine SHODAN to see just how dangerous an open system could be.

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  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.
  • Some names and locations during the SHODAN showcase were muted for privacy’s sake.  
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