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The LIVE Life Episode 5: Beach Front Property

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George Tucker &
Mike Postupak

Mike Webber, Ben Escobedo of Sennheiser USA, Cliff Pospisil, Andrew Guberman, and Chris Regan.

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Wireless microphones and intercoms are a ubiquitous part of every show but how many of us truly have the fundamental knowledge to set up and troubleshoot systems?  On this Episode of The Live Life we pick the brains of some top RF folks – Mike Webber of Peter Schmitt, Ben Escobedo of Sennheiser USA, Cliff Pospisil and Chris Regan of RF Venus-   about resources, myths, the technology and sound advise on trouble free systems.

Running time: 53:08

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Frequency Finders:
[9/13/2012 7:27:37 PM] Mike Webber: http://wirelessworkbench6beta.forumflash.com/
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Cable Loss Calculator

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