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The Thoughtful Integration Show 1: Back To School With Mike Grubb

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The Saga Continues

Like most popular media of the 2000s, Joe Whitaker’s Thoughtful Thursdays show has been rebooted! However, its goal remains the same- To sit down with the many faces of our industry and discuss what AV is doing today.

This week we are joined by Vice President of Marketing for Luxul Mike Grubb, talking about the requirements for children as we go into the new school semester. A majority of classes will be online, which means networks will need to be as strong as ever as parents and children work from home. What can integrators do with value-based solutions to improve on the educational experience? We also learn about Luxul’s own ProWatch cloud management solution designed to monitor and manage devices on the network and respond to potential problems proactively. And since it’s tangentially related to kids, we also take a quick look at Epic’s ongoing litigation against Apple for taking their hit game Fortnite off of the Apple store.


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