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XR Star 1: Extended Reality & (The Future Of) Events

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Blurring Lines Between Reality

With a new year comes a new series from AVNation! XR Star is a look at the Extended Reality space, from augmented reality virtual reality and everything in between. Futurist and author Amelia Kallman takes a look at what is going on in XR, and talks with industry professionals about the future of the space.

Considering where the world still is since the start of this pandemic, odds are most shows that anyone are going to are “virtual”. But as virtual shows become less of a reactionary move and something that could be expressly sought after, is there a meaningful way to implement XR technology to provide a unique experience for attendees? We sit down with Immersive AV Managing Director David Mulcahy to discuss the future the event space and where XR could take it.  

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  

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