Event Support

AVNation’s team of experts can help improve brand awareness at your next event.

While there are many great reasons to attend a trade show, some goals may be harder to reach than others. Trade shows are an opportunity not just to learn new things and network, but to create more  exposure for your brand. Booth traffic can generate new leads – but how to get them there?

Let the AVNation team help you have a successful event. Our show sponsorship package starts approximately 45 days before an event, and continues 45 days after, with the goal of generating traffic to your booth for the show, and to provide supporting materials after the show that you may use to enhance your online presence.

*Completion of this form does not constitute a contract. Arrangements for show support must be initiated through conversation with the AVNation team. Until a contract is signed, neither party is under any kind of legal obligation for either services or payment.