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Boom Launch Videobar with Expanded Audio

Boom Collaboration, founded in 2020, develops conferencing and collaboration hardware solutions for various meeting environments, focusing on smooth video and clear audio to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Boom Collaboration has launched the HALO Business Edition videobar, which includes expandable audio capabilities. This version features a high-performance videobar and an additional microphone/speaker to extend audio reach in larger rooms. It builds on the standard HALO, offering crystal-clear audio, 4K video, and advanced AI features. The new edition allows for multiple microphones/speakers to be daisy-chained, enhancing its use for larger and more flexible meeting spaces.

The HALO Business Edition addresses the acoustic limitations of traditional videobars, providing extended audio coverage for larger rooms and diverse use cases such as legal depositions and large boardrooms. This innovation enhances the overall meeting experience by ensuring all participants are heard clearly, regardless of their position in the room. The launch aims to accelerate demand by offering a convenient dual combo package, supporting Boom Collaboration’s vision of creating better meeting solutions.

Fast-growing video conferencing manufacturer, Boom Collaboration, has launched a new version of its innovative HALO videobar that features expandable audio.

The Boom HALO Business Edition includes a high performance videobar plus an additional microphone/speaker to dramatically increase the audio range in larger rooms.

Launched earlier this year, the standard HALO delivers crystal-clear audio and 4K video with enhanced AI facial framing and speaker tracking. Multiple additional microphones/speakers can be daisy-chained too.

Now to accelerate further demand the company has created a dedicated dual combo package, for added value and convenience.

Co-Founder Fredrik Hörnkvist says the Business Edition overcomes traditional acoustic limitations of standard videobars. It is ideally suited to a wide range of use cases where extra audio reach is required, such as flexible rooms, dedicated tasks and growing teams.


“Our flagship Boom HALO videobar already features a 4K UHD camera, six beamforming mics and high fidelity speakers for a seamless collaboration experience,” he emphasized. “But as videobars are generally installed at the front of room there’s often limited flexibility for additional audio pick-up especially on a large scale.

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“With the additional speaker/microphone, audio can easily be extended by a further three meters for each device. This is useful in many ways such as for legal depositions which are already proving very popular, or a quietly-spoken CEO who often sits at the far end of a boardroom and struggles to be heard. It’s a bit of a game-changer in terms of total audio capacity.”

Available in white and black colors, the HALO boasts many advanced features such as intelligent noise reduction, according to fellow founder Holli Hulett.

“There’s little doubt the popularity of videobars will continue to grow this year and the Boom HALO Business Edition will add more fuel to the fire,” she explained.

“With 120° wide angle field of view, 10x zoom and smart mic array, the HALO detects both participants and speakers in real time locking in on attendees. Six array MEMS microphones and a superior 4K lens with an eight megapixel CMOS sensor combine to create a superior solution for a variety of spaces. The additional speaker enables much greater audio pick-up for a truly exceptional and optimized meeting experience across a wider range of meeting spaces.”

Lossless Audio

She highlighted the videobar’s in-built audio quality. “High-fidelity audio with a 48kHz sampling rate and dual 10W speakers provide lossless audio and full spectrum sound for meeting participants. Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Automatic Gain Control further enhance the meeting experience and work to ensure full duplex quality at a distance of six meters.”

Bluetooth 5.0 allows for easy pairing with mobile phones and other devices. A user-friendly remote control is included too whilst an automatic privacy shutter is combined with the ability to disengage wireless connectivity for added security.

Hörnkvist concluded: “Our whole ethos is to create better meetings. Simply. This latest addition is another example of that continual vision.”


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