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Seymour-Screen makes home theater screen installs easier

ART system from Seymour-Screen, motorized masking

Ames, IA – July 18, 2019 – Chris Seymour, managing director of made-in-the-USA brand Seymour-Screen Excellence has engineered another truly innovative film screen solution assured to bring home cinema to new heights – in this case, commercial heights. New is Adjustable Ratio Theater, the largest of the company’s three masking screen platforms, enabling build-on-wall masking up to 20-ft high, available in 2- or 4-way masking, with removable velvet fascia and 4:3 ratio with masking up to 120-inches per side.

Since coming onto the scene in 2010, Seymour-Screen Excellence has built the reputation of the finest custom-built film screen manufacturer in the CEDIA channel. The company’s True Aspect Masking systems (TAM) and proprietary Enlightor Neo woven fabric acoustically transparent (A.T.) film screen surfaces have graced the finest private screening rooms and home theaters in North America including those of Hollywood celebrities, TV network executives, recording stars and more. In addition, the Enlightor surfaces — for their unrivaled purity in audio and video performance — are the darling of post-production studios, mix facilities, leading ISF calibrators and home cinema acousticians.  

Seymour-Screen installing
Seymour-Screen installing

Seymour-Screen Excellence’s A.T. film screens celebrate the best cinema practice of placing the center, left and right front speakers behind the film screen. This delivers dialogue and action precisely as intended by directors. To accommodate the different video formats, the systems are available with either 2-way (left/right or top/bottom) or 4-way independent masking panels. The systems are compatible with all home control systems with aspect ratio control achieved at the touch of a button.

Taking this technology and performance pedigree to the next level, Chris Seymour created Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART).  At its largest, inclusive of masking, ART spans an astounding 20-feet tall x 30-feet wide with an image width of 350-inches (100-inches wider than TAM). ART offers unlimited intermediate masking panel positions including all the way down to 4:3.
The unique design of ART allows the installer to build the screen on the wall, as opposed to the traditional method of assembling on the floor, lifting and hanging. ART’s components are not required to be shipped in wooden crates like those of the larger TAM systems which may be shipped completely or partially assembled.

Additionally, certain size film screens whether received onsite pre-assembled or not can be difficult to negotiate corners or floors to reach the cinema room. ART solves these issues.

ART utilizes an 8.8-inch frame that is built in sections on the wall. It is finished by a removable 8.9-inch velvet fascia that delivers a luxurious look while expertly framing the image. ART’s motorized masking assemblies — which utilize Seymour-Screen Excellence’s renowned sheer black A.T. masking panels and silent motorized assemblies — are mated to the frame. For extra rigidity, pure carbon fiber bars are utilized in the assemblies. ART is available with the company’s Enlightor Neo and PRO A.T. film screen surfaces, both of which are seamless, and utilize the company’s traditional grip channel approach.

Seymour-Screen installed
Seymour-Screen installed

“Today’s home theater is greatly benefiting from advancements such as IMAX and immersive audio hardware and media, with sales of high-impact and opulent theaters on the rise. Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Adjustable Ratio Theater system makes it possible for the installer to more easily and perhaps for the first time deliver a commercial cinema-like experience in their customer’s home. ART is the most capable masking assembly in the industry for such discerning viewers, freeing the viewer from undersized images, no matter what the director intended,” says Chris Seymour.

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For its unique attributes, ART has been nominated for a 2019 CEDIA Expo Best New Product Award and will be demonstrated at Seymour-Screen Excellence’s CEDIA Expo exhibit, Sound Room 10.

ART is available now. Options include 2-way masking (side masking panels for constant height, or top/bottom panels for constant width) or 4-way independent masking. Image widths range from 160-inches to 350 with custom sizes available. MSRP ranges from $26K to $142K depending on size. Motor control cards/ boxes and IR, 12V, and RS-232 control accessories and installation are extra. For more information contact Seymour-Screen Excellence at 515.268.3369.

Tim Albright is the founder of AVNation and is the driving force behind the AVNation network. He carries the InfoComm CTS, a B.S. from Greenville College and is pursuing an M.S. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When not steering the AVNation ship, Tim has spent his career designing systems for churches both large and small, Fortune 500 companies, and education facilities.

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