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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Airtame achieves full integration with Microsoft OneDrive, Office 365 Calendar Suite

The integrated solution will be co-marketed throughout North America

Copenhagen, Denmark & New York  — Airtame (www.airtame.com), the leading provider of wireless screen sharing that enables users to instantly and easily display content from any device to any screen, has announced that it has fully integrated Airtame Cloud with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Calendar Suite. The integrated solution, which allows for in-class screen sharing and collaboration along with multimedia and calendar content distribution to screens throughout campuses, will be co-marketed by Microsoft Education and Airtame throughout North America. Airtame is a Microsoft Partner Education Specialist.

The Airtame Cloud platform lets campus IT administrators manage all Airtame-enabled screens from one central place. It’s easy to use and comes with a rich feature set for multiple use cases to boost productivity and engagement on campuses. Through its integration with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Calendar Suite, administrators can leverage Airtame Cloud to:

  • Distribute multimedia content, such as school logos and mascots, videos that highlight recent sporting events and other exciting activities, campus news or any other content stored in Microsoft OneDrive to screens throughout campus.
  • Delegate screen content distribution rights to specific people or departments, e.g. allow the student government president to control content displayed in student common areas, or the Dean of Science to control content displayed in science labs.
  • Display schedule and availability of classrooms, lecture halls, learning labs, meeting rooms on any shared screen via the integration with Office 365 Calendar Suite.
  • Conserve energy by scheduling screens to go into sleep mode during off-hours, based on the integration to the Office 365 Calendar Suite.

“Airtame’s integration with Microsoft OneDrive and 365 Calendar Suite greatly extends the value of Airtame on campuses in important ways. For instance, by distributing campus news, meeting overviews and videos to public screens, Airtame amplifies the feeling of community and school spirit among teachers, students, visitors and administrators alike,” said Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Experience Officer at Airtame. “As pedagogy experts point out, a positive environment promotes learning.”

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“After observing a teacher actively engaging her students by projecting and promoting their work using Airtame, I called their founders to see how I could help support their mission. I’ve been impressed with their focus on meeting the needs of educators while providing IT with the controls they need to manage the solution across a school district.” Jim Federico, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Education.

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