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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Nureva enables QuickShare feature in Span Workspace

QuickShare groups allow participants to contribute digital sticky notes to Span canvas areas

Nureva has announced that multiple QuickShare groups can now be enabled in Span Workspace, Nureva’s expansive cloud-based digital canvas for visual planning and team collaboration. The QuickShare feature allows all participants in a collaboration session to contribute digital notes and images to a group on the Span canvas from their phone, tablet or laptop by simply scanning a QR code. With the addition of multiple QuickShare groups, participants can now send contributions to any group on the canvas where QuickShare has been enabled. This supports collaborative agile activities such as backlog refinement, retrospectives, sprint planning, new story estimation or training sessions where participants are asked to assign their contributions to specific categories or questions. There is no limit to the number of QuickShare groups that can be created or the volume of notes and images contributed by participants, whether they are in the same location or distributed. 

Since the feature was introduced, Nureva’s global QuickShare user base has grown rapidly due to the flexibility and simplicity it provides to all participants. Unlike features in competitive products, QuickShare provides scrum masters and facilitators real-time feedback and results without the need for additional subscriptions or having to provide participants with a device from which to contribute. Multiple QuickShare groups simplify it further by dramatically reducing the time required to collect and categorize participant contributions. QuickShare groups also include a counter for the number of notes contained in each group, which is useful for a variety of voting activities. Agile teams are increasing their use of Span Workspace with Jira Software. Contributions in a QuickShare group can be sent directly to Jira, making planning in Span Workspace and then running projects in Jira even smoother.

Last month, Nureva announced the addition of 13 agile templates in Span Workspace, including an empathy map, retrospective, Kanban, product vision board, prioritization matrix and other templates. Multiple QuickShare groups can also be enabled within these templates by turning on the function from the template menu. Because Span Workspace is a cloud-based platform designed for real-time teamwork, it also allows distributed agile teams to work together in a shared digital space. Read this blog post for more examples on how QuickShare groups can be used to accelerate agile and scrum ceremonies.

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“The number of QuickShare users continues to grow exponentially, because facilitators are finding tremendous value in gathering on-the-spot input from their teams, stakeholders or clients, whether they are in the same location or distributed,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We are excited to see how they will use multiple QuickShare groups to further accelerate their processes and engage participants in their sessions.”

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