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Avolites integrates with Pioneer DJ PRO DJ LINK feature set

The integration allows syncing between visual effects and DJ performances across Avolites’ software platforms

Avolites has announced its integration with Pioneer DJ’s PRO DJ LINK on both its Titan and Ai platforms. This exciting new innovation allows users to easily receive real-time feedback from the DJ to their consoles. The features include Pioneer DJ Waveform Display that allows the operator to see the live waveforms from the CDJs in a workspace window and Pioneer DJ BPM Trigger that gives the operator the ability to automatically trigger BPM masters directly from a chosen CDJ in the setup.

Avolites continuously strives to innovate new, reliable and constructive features that will give users state-of-the-art performance. This latest integration with Pioneer DJ is set to redefine visual control in the clubbing world by allowing operators to focus more on creating impactful looks and shapes instead of manually pushing executor buttons or entering values. It also removes any guessing work with operators able to anticipate changes in the music with ease, so the visuals are always in sync. The software is a first-party integration, removing the need for complicated setups, and Pioneer’s PRO DJ LINK BRIDGE handles all of the communication, eliminating any possibility that the integration could cause issues with the Pioneer DJ system itself.

The software is compatible with Pioneer’s CDJ-2000NXS2, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-TOUR1, CDJ-TOUR1 with rekordbox DJ software. Avolites scheduled announcing Titan v13 at NAMM 2020 with the release to follow shortly along with Ai 12.1.

Avolites launches its exciting collaboration with Pioneer DJ’s PRO DJ LINK network, an exciting new first-party software integration development that allows the syncing between visual effects and DJ performances across both of Avolites’ software platforms, Titian and Ai. This now opens the door for DJs, lighting designers and other creatives in the industry to easily create stunning, immersive, multi-sensory performances.

“Direct integration with the console makes the system quick and easy to set up, making it ideal for busking and nightclub environments,” says Avolites Senior Software Developer Fraser Stockley. “I’m excited to see what people do with the integration and for opportunities we have for further integration with Pioneer in the future.” 

“At Avolites, we’re passionate about delivering innovative new features to our users that aid them to reach the heights of their creativity and craft,” comments Avolites Managing Director Paul Wong. “Synchronizing the DJ with the lighting and video will allow more accurate visual interpretations of the DJ set. We’re very excited to be working with Pioneer DJ to allow our respective technologies to be integrated and we’re certainly looking forward to experiencing inspired performances from our global users.”

Avolites is looking to release these updates this summer, along with its latest updates to the Titan and Ai software. The PRO DJ LINK will be compatible with the Pioneer DJ professional DJ setup, Avolites Titan consoles and Ai media servers using the free specialized app, PRO DJ LINK Bridge. 

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