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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Poly introduces Poly Lens for cloud-based insights and video endpoint management

Poly Lens joins the company’s complete end-to-end unified communications portfolio on display at ISE 2020

Plantronics, Inc. (“Poly” – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (NYSE: PLT) has unveiled Poly Lens, a new cloud-based insights and management service. Initially available in a fully supported commercial preview, Poly Lens combines seamless management and updating tools with powerful insight into how Poly devices are actually being used to offer greater control and simplicity to IT departments.

Poly Lens joins the company’s complete end-to-end unified communications portfolio on display at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (UC Hall; Booths 11-B140 and 11 A-150).

“Today’s businesses understand that the right communications and collaboration tools can increase productivity, but there’s a blind spot when it comes to how these tools are adopted and used by their workforce,” said Beau Wilder, vice president and general manager of infrastructure, cloud and analytics for Poly. “Poly Lens provides the next-level of visibility into collaboration spaces and device use without the need to install additional infrastructure.”

Organizations crave transparency and want information surrounding the successes and failures of workspace implementations, including the use of new tools or devices. Poly Lens aggregates data and offers customers a unique overview that lets them turn insights into actions.

Poly will continue to update the commercial preview of Poly Lens to add new capabilities, ultimately converging Poly’s endpoint management solutions into one convenient service. Today, Poly Lens brings management and updating capabilities to the new Poly Studio X family of video bars as well as the Poly G7500. Over time, Poly Lens will evolve to support Poly headsets and phone offerings in addition to an ever-increasing array of new insights.

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Key features of the Poly Lens service include:

  • Device Management – Poly Lens supports frictionless device onboarding, setting configurations, map-based inventory management, and software upgrades. For example, customers can use Poly Lens today to ensure that their Studio X video bars and G7500 solutions will always have access to the latest Poly MeetingAI features and capabilities. Having the right technology and tools in place is critical to help IT quickly and properly deploy the most suitable mission-critical collaboration devices, services, and systems. Poly Lens provides a simple and modern interface for IT managers and administrators to quickly and effectively deploy, provision and manage their Poly devices.
  • Intelligent Insights – Poly Lens identifies and prioritizes actionable insights that help maximize user adoption and device uptime through an intelligent news feed. The news feed ensures the most important and urgent insights are always at the top of the feed, helping IT managers more efficiently address any issues that might arise. Coming soon, Poly Lens will provide room-based insights to help IT and facilities planners optimize their physical workspace now and into the future.
  • Cloud-based Service – With more businesses moving their operations to cloud-based technology, Poly Lens delivers a flexible and secure solution that enables businesses to be more agile and innovative – instantly. Customers can also migrate between video-as-a-service providers without losing valuable and historical insights.

“Businesses are struggling to keep pace with the proliferation of devices needed for the digital workplace and multi-generational workforce, combined with high costs of real estate,” said Melissa Fremeijer, Senior Research Analyst, European Telecommunications and Networking, IDC. “Now more than ever, companies have to optimize shared workspaces and tools to stay competitive. This will continue to fuel the need for intelligent devices that provide data-driven, actionable insights and can be deployed in an easy and scalable way.”

Poly Lens Availability 
Poly Lens is available now worldwide as a fully supported commercial preview at no charge.  More details on pricing and commercialization will be available in the first half of 2020. For more information on Poly Lens, please visit: poly.com/lens.

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