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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Datapath’s WallControl 10 plug-in verified with Milestone XProtect

By adding the Wall Control 10 plug-in, XProtect users can drive a Datapath video wall controller without the need to use WallControl 10 separately

Datapath is a verified product partner for surveillance software specialists, Milestone Systems.

Following testing, the WallControl 10 plug-in for Milestone’s XProtect software is now officially verified to integrate with Milestone’s XProtect platform.

Milestone’s XProtect video management system is an established and popular open platform that brings together camera and back-end intelligence. It is widely recognised at a market leader due to its extendibility and adaptability that enables Milestone’s partners to design perfect future-proof solutions for any business video need.

By adding Datapath’s Wall Control 10 plug-in, XProtect users can drive a Datapath video wall controller without the need to use WallControl 10 separately. Switching applications is time consuming and distracts the operator from their immediate responsibilities. WallControl 10 is still operating on the video wall controller, but all the commands to direct content to the video wall is done using the XProtect user interface.

The WallControl 10 plugin for XProtect brings a wealth of benefits, allowing an administrator to define ‘zones’ on their video wall. A zone may comprise any number of screens or part of a screen. XProtect users can then select which zone or zones they wish to add content to and from. With Datapath’s WallControl 10 plug-in, XProtect becomes a fully functioning video monitoring platform, with the following additional features:

Share View
This feature takes the camera feeds from within the operator “View” and displays them on the video wall within the selected zone.

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Track My View
Selecting Track my View will automatically send the cameras from each operator view to the video wall without the need for the operator to share each time. Tracking my view enables operators to get on with their work without having to remember to additionally add cameras to a video wall.

Extract Cameras
If the user view contains camera carousels, where a number of cameras can be cycled in a loop, the Extract feature allows the cameras currently ‘on top’ to be sent to the video wall. This allows an operator to see a camera of particular interest on the wall, whilst the carousel continues on their local screen.

Deploy and Save layout files
As is possible when using WallControl 10, XProtect users are able to deploy saved layout files onto the video wall. This allows for captured video, such as a TV signal or PC to be directly displayed onto the wall alongside the video cameras. Users are also given the opportunity to save layout files through XProtect for future recall.

Camera Discovery
The WallControl 10 plug-in will recognise all cameras that are available within Milestone’s recording server and automatically populate WallControl 10 with the correct settings making the set-up process simple.

Customers interested in learning more about the integration, can join a webinar to see the features and a live product demo. You can find a list of Datapath’s upcoming webinars here: https://www.datapath.co.uk/webinars.

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