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Aurora Multimedia unveils Tauri Temperature Sensing Tablet with Glory Star

The TTS-10 will provide alerts when a person is running a high temperature within 1 second from 3.3ft. away using a hygienic non-touch infrared technology

Aurora Multimedia Corp. introduces an AV industry first in collaboration with Glory Star, a trusted partner for years. In Morganville, NJ, Aurora announces the TTS-10, a 10in. Android based all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablet. It is offered in 15.6in. and 21.5in. size sensing tablets with a variety of stands, desktop, and wall mount options.

To ensure when people are entering a location are not running a high temperature, the TTS-10 will provide alerts when a person is running a high temperature within 1 second from 3.3ft (1 meter) away. This provides the first layer of screening protection using a hygienic non-touch infrared technology. With its’ Quad-core 1.8Ghz processor, Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities this is a must-have for any company on the forefront of protecting clients and customers from being exposed to potential illness from a fever induced individual.

The system uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures. Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit).

Future firmware upgrade options will include Facial Recognition with customized flagging and ReAX IP Control. ReAX by Aurora can be integrated into almost any security system, health care system, door sensor(s), door release mechanism(s), lighting, and much more. While ReAX is a fully automated control platform, third party control systems will be able to interface as well.

“To make a leap in technology requires the strength of a partnership and cooperation of two or more companies to make real positive changes in the AV industry. Working together with Glory Star, Tauri is the first-ever temperature sensing tablet. We want to do our part to help the world get back to the new norm as soon as possible.” says Paul Harris CEO of Aurora.

For further information sales@auroramm.com or call 732-591-5800.

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