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A2v consulting transforms auditorium acoustics at Broadcom’s Irvine campus

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Broadcom, a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, recently relocated to a nearly 1.1-million–square-foot facility in Irvine, California. The Broadcom campus sits on a 73-acre site that will, in the future, provide entry to the Orange County Great Park. The facility features two five-story laboratory office buildings, a fitness center, and an all-hands gathering area for 2,000 employees.

A2v  partners with EOS IT Solutions for impressive acoustical design in Broadcom’s all-hands auditorium

Broadcom selected EOS IT Solutions to integrate new technology, including acoustical treatments, speakers and video components. “EOS IT Solutions has a great relationship with Broadcom — They were referred to us by another client, Cisco,” explained Yogesh Kanjee. “We had previously worked with Broadcom on other projects and they reached out to us asking for support with a new project at their latest campus in Irvine. Broadcom was experiencing acoustical challenges with their community space. The space was well-designed from an architectural standpoint and, because of that, we had to create an acoustical design that was complementary to the current design.”

Broadcom’s all-hands space is an aesthetically pleasing, open-concept area with a two-story glass curtain wall. Designed to be a multipurpose community space, the uniquely shaped auditorium features the latest AV technology for special events. “The all-hands gathering space was designed for all-company meetings and coffee talks from Broadcom’s chief executive officer, Hock Tan,” said Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End-users Services & Experience for Broadcom. “It’s utilized for special events, such as our annual award recognition for the Broadcom Foundation’s STEM Program. We anticipated using the space for live coverage of large sporting events, such as the Stanley Cup and World Cup, and historical news events, including live election coverage.”

Unfortunately, the original design was not ideal for large social gatherings. It had an echo throughout the space and unintelligible audio for those seated higher in the auditorium benches. “After our initial all-hands meeting, our CEO requested a full-upgrade before the next in-person meeting,” noted Toh. “We had previously worked with EOS IT Solutions, so we contacted them for their support in this project. We required an acoustical design that complemented the room’s existing aesthetics. We wanted the design to blend seamlessly into the space, rather than looking like an afterthought.”

Kanjee added, “During our initial baseline study, we calculated that the RT60 measurement was 7 seconds. We contacted a2v consulting for support in this project because we have worked with them in the past with great success. They have the expertise to create a design that looks incredible but performs phenomenally. With the help of a2v consulting, we were able to reduce the RT60 to around 1.2 seconds, which was an incremental change from the initial measurement.”

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The terrazzo flooring and 40-foot-high walls are minimalistic, while the red leather seats add a pop of color to perfectly match Broadcom’s red branding. “a2v consulting transformed the space with acoustical treatments that fit seamlessly with our existing aesthetics,” explained Toh. “a2v consulting worked with us to design custom acoustical panels in Broadcom’s distinct red branding. They incorporated different textures and sized acoustical panels to create a unique design. a2v consulting was great in making sure the upgrade looked as if it was part of the initial concept.”

Broadcom had a tight deadline for the retrofit with another all-hands meeting hosted by the CEO, Hock Tan, in the impending future. “a2v consulting and EOS IT Solutions completed the installation, including additional audio speakers and video components, within our very short timeframe,” said Toh. “a2v consulting was not only able to meet the very short timeline, but they met our goals of creating a cohesive design that reduced the echo within the room. Based on measurements performed by EOS IT Solutions, the treatments from a2v consulting changed the room acoustics. When we had our first coffee talk after the upgrade, we asked our attendees for feedback and they all had very positive responses. The overall end result was quite amazing.”

Kanjee added, “Our experience working with a2v consulting on the installation at Broadcom’s Irvine campus was great. We have worked with Shreedhar Patel, president of a2v consulting, and his team on numerous projects and they have always been courteous. They are always able to meet our tight deadlines with professional, high-quality service. We look forward to continuing to work with a2v consulting on future projects.”

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