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Stem audio 2.0 firmware upgrade now features join & split rooms, increased device pairing, enhanced security, and more

CHICAGO — The Stem Audio firmware upgrade (version 2.0) will provide a number of important features for Stem Audio Ecosystem customers, including individual microphone and speaker mute, AES 128-bit encryption, better audio performance, the ability to pair up to 10 audio endpoints in a single room, and more.

Details of the new features include:

Joining and Splitting Rooms

This feature will allow users to pair up to four rooms with up to 10 audio devices total. When someone selects their first room, it becomes the main room, and all settings on other Hubs are bypassed and saved for later. Once the rooms are combined, the RoomDesign will be empty, allowing users to create a new design for the combined room. After the new design is created, users will be able to initiate RoomAdapt and RoomCheck in the newly combined room in order to optimize performance.

 10 Audio Devices in a Single Room

The release of Stem 2.0 allows customers to grow their ecosystem to up to 10 audio devices (plus Stem Control’s and SIP phone line) in one room. This feature will give users the flexibility to expand device capabilities and create endless combinations to cover even their most challenging environments.

Enhanced Security Features

With the implementation of 2.0, an additional layer of security is added by upgrading devices to be equipped with AES 128-bit encryption. This enhanced protocol ensures end-to-end encryption between devices within a customer’s organization, keeping their audio data safe and secure.

Better Audio Performance

With improved network latency between Stem Audio endpoints, they have fine-tuned audio processing, resulting in better echo cancellation performance, improved noise canceling, and modified AGC performance.

Individual Microphone and Speaker Mute

This feature allows users to further customize configurations for use cases where customers want either mics or speakers coming from a specific section of the room. IT managers can engage this feature when setting up a room in the room’s advanced settings menu by selecting which speakers and microphones will be active in their room.

 “Our team has been hard at work to deliver additional customization options to our customers,” said Jacob Marash, Managing Director of Stem Audio at Shure. “Stem Audio 2.0 is a testament to the ongoing commitment to listen to our customers and provide solutions that make a difference in their meetings. With Stem Audio 2.0, customers have greater flexibility and scalability to continue to customize their solution to meet the needs of any meeting room.”

With the acquisition of Stem Audio in November 2020, Shure is expanding and diversifying its solution offering for organizations of all sizes. For more information about Stem Audio products, visit

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