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AVer introduces VB130 4K video bar with intelligent lighting for meetings

FREMONT, Calif. AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announces the VB130, a 4K video bar with intelligent lighting. Designed for small meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and focus rooms, the VB130 is engineered to provide clear imaging and exceptional audio quality for uninterrupted collaboration. Users can upgrade their meeting experience with the VB130’s intelligent built-in lighting for virtual meetings. The VB130’s adjustable five-level fill lighting combined with an automatic light sensor provides the perfect amount of light to illuminate your workspace.

“The future of meeting space technology will rely on hardware and cloud-based solutions designed to promote social distancing among meeting participants,” said Carl Harvell, Director of Product Marketing for AVer USA. “The VB130 is designed with remote management and extensive interoperability for cloud-based video platforms, providing an easy-to-use video conferencing solution for power users. AVer’s SmartFrame technology is designed to count meeting participants and frame participants with a single click.”

AVer’s VB130 is a versatile, enterprise-grade USB video bar perfect for everyday use by business professionals. The VB130 offers high-quality 4K video and dual fields of view, including 90-degree and 120-degree views, and a privacy shutter for peace of mind. Featuring a compact design, the VB130’s sleek composition will fit on top of a 17-inch monitor or can be mounted onto a tripod. The VB130 combines five levels of automatic, intelligent fill-in lighting with exceptional beamforming audio technology with a five-microphone array to ensure resonant sound — creating a dynamic video conferencing solution for power users, huddle rooms, and small conference spaces.

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The VB130 promotes contactless meeting technology for safer more efficient meetings with SmartFrame, contactless AI-triggered viewing-angle adjustments meant to perfectly frame meeting participants, no matter their distance from the lens. It incorporates contactless AI features, including voice tracking, smart framing, audio fencing, and people counting for a seamless video conferencing experience. The VB130 features web-based controls for remote camera control and settings management, as well as easy-to-use group central management software, EZManager 2.

To learn more about the VB130, please visit Keep up with the latest news from AVer on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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