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Logitech Launches New Wireless Technology Logi Bot

The industry-leading provider of consumer electronics announces the expansion of its business, providing work setup solutions. Logitech introduces the Logi Bot, a new high-performance secure wireless technology designed to enhance productivity. The Logi Bot conquers IT challenges that can emerge whether users are at the office or working remotely.  

Joseph Mingori, GM of B2B for Creativity and Productivity at Logitech, said for decades individuals trusted Logitech and now they are ready to expand their expertise in an evolving landscape. “We have redefined our enterprise offering to support individual work setup solutions on a global scale while launching our new, wireless technology solution – Logi Bolt – enabling secure and robust connections to meet today’s evolving business needs. These offerings prioritize the needs of enterprise IT to keep their diverse workforces productive, collaborative, and secure no matter where they work,” Mingori said.

Secure with Robust Connectivity

Logitech engineered the Logi Bot to deliver a secure level of wireless connectivity for all Logitech items. Logi Bot also offers a robust signal reaching connection up to 33 feet. The drop-off-free connection is reliable even in heavy congested wireless environments with up to eight times lower average latency in many cases than other common wireless protocols.

Great Compatibility

The Logi Bot offers great compatibility, offering a universal connection over other peripheral brands on the market. The reliable connection allows IT managers to efficiently source, purchase and distribute without connectivity issues. The device works with almost every operating system including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. Users will be able to connect via Logi Bot USB receivers or using Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology installed on host computers. 

Pasi Pajumäki, IT Specialist at Wolt Enterprises, says Logi Bot brings reliability and stability for their wireless devices. “Logi Bolt wireless technology seems to establish a connection faster, so switching between a desk and a conference room is smoother and more user friendly,” Pajumäki said.

Check out Logitech’s website for more business information.

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