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Pro Audio Technology Launches Most Flexible Loudspeaker to Date SR-28212ai

Pro Audio Technology announces a new flexible loudspeaker model, the SR-28212ai. The loudspeaker is the company’s most acoustically ambitious product ever created.

The SR-28212ai serves three loudspeakers in one; a very high-output, full-range loudspeaker for surround applications, LFE subwoofer, and Atmos speaker bass management. Designed with residential surround sound systems in mind, the loudspeaker configures with straight-firing axisymmetric or 40-degree asymmetric waveguides. This allows customers to aim the sound at a 40-degree angle to the loudspeaker’s main axis.

“By leveraging the bass-management capability of our ALC model amplified loudspeaker controllers, a single SR-28212ai loudspeaker system can serve as a full-range surround loudspeaker, an auxiliary LFE system subwoofer and a surround speaker bass-management subwoofer, simultaneously”, said Paul Hales, President and Product Designer, Pro Audio Technology. 

The SR-28212ai provides a very wide dispersion, is incredibly efficient, and offers an output of over 130dB. To further increase utility, the mid-tweeter module in the loudspeaker can be inverted to bring the tweeter level down or locate it in the center of the enclosure. Alternatively, installers could invert the mid-tweeter baffle and mount the speaker upside down. This allows installers to place the subwoofer section near the ceiling to use as a surround sub to augment Atmos speakers. 

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“I’m not aware of a more powerful or flexible loudspeaker system anywhere,” said Hales. “Combined with our ALC bass-management and mixing capabilities, there is almost no application it cannot handle.”

The SR-28212ai loudspeakers are now available worldwide. Check out Pro Audio Technology’s website for more information.

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