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AVNation Special: Supply and Demand with Windy City Wire

The past year and a half posed a major hindrance to supply chains. COVID-19 has caused companies to rethink their entire business model with overseas supply chain issues halting their sales. Many manufacturers might have to wait longer for their supplies to come in to meet demand. Windy City Wire was already prepared for something like this to happen.

“I saw the perils of doing business off-shore probably before anyone else starting in 2006. I saw more and more inferior products being shipped in from the far east and I didn’t want anything to do with that,” said Richard Galgano, CEO of Windy City Wire.

Galgano started Windy City Wire over 27 years ago looking to create the best wire distribution company in the nation. He also wanted to emphasize the importance of great customer service. Windy City Wire prides itself on manufacturing its products in the United States, specifically in Chicago. Galgano sources all raw materials in the United States from plastics and cardboard, enabling them to stay on top of their projects.

“When you are reliant on a supply chain thousands of miles away versus controlling the supply chain, look at the mess we are in. People waiting weeks and months for a $5 sensor and if you can’t get a $5 sensor, you can’t complete a project, “ Galgano said.

Windy City Wire prioritizes its relationships with its customers and supply chain, being open and honest about when products are coming in or if there is a shortage.

“The more transparent you are with your supply chain and your customers, the better off everybody will be. We have great relationships with our customers and just as important we do with our supply chain,” Galgano explained.

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Purchasing a manufacturing plant has allowed Windy City Wire to create base components of their wires, giving them room for customization opportunities for certain projects. As Galgano explains, “Just because you have a plant in and of itself, doesn’t mean you’re going to have great service. It’s how that plant is set up and how it’s designed to run.”

Windy City Wire does not want to be known just for selling wire. They are more than that. The company prides itself on amazing customer service along with offering complete solutions for any project.

“While we do certainly sell wire, it’s the complete system that differentiates Windy City [Wire] from the packaging and the rack pack from how it’s deployed into the field and how we distribute… at that point, you are selling a service and you are selling a solution that’s going to reduce time and reduce headaches. That is going to make it easier for you to do business with us,” said Bill Stang, Pro AV Sales Director for Windy City Wire.

You can check out the full interview with Tim Albright and Windy City Wire here.

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