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Christie Set to Mass-Produce CounterAct With Care222 for Use Around People

Global visual technology company Christie announced the production of its Christie CounterAct line of commercial UV disinfection products with the patented Care222 far-UVC light technology. 

The fixtures are used for indoor spaces including cinemas, theme parks, and sports complexes. The far-UVC light helps eliminate 99% of pathogens on surfaces, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19, influenza, and other antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The CounterAct line was developed by Christie and uses parent company Ushio Inc’s Care222nm UV lamp technology. All of the fixtures are designed for high ceiling applications, which are easy to install as commercial lighting fixtures.

“With our CounterAct fixtures, as an added layer of defense, bringing customers back to the places they love to share and create memorable experiences, has never been safer,” said Brian Claypool, executive vice president, Cinema, Christie. “Many businesses and industries all over the world rely on being able to have their customers together in person, and they will need every tool available to help them do so safely.”

To date, Christie CounterAct models have demonstrated compliance with UL, CE, and UKCA by third-party testing facilities for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), compliance with the radio equipment directive, and most importantly photobiological safety.

UV light has long been proven to effectively neutralize pathogens, but the 254nm wavelength used in other disinfection products on the market is a human health hazard because it can penetrate and damage human eyes and skin, making it unsafe for humans exposure.

“The fact that the unique far-UVC light from our Christie CounterAct UVC disinfection fixtures can be used automatically and continually in the presence of people is the key advantage. The technology reduces pathogens from the environments where people gather,” said Claypool. “By harnessing these benefits as part of a user-friendly product that can be quickly deployed, we hope to provide a much-needed boost to our partners across many industries.

For more information visit Christie’s CounterAct website.


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