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PPDS Redefines Retail Fashion Using Philips Videowalls to Create World’s First ‘phygital’ Shopping Experience

PPDS announces 110 of its advanced 4K Phillips X-Line video wall displays have been selected and installed in a new Modivo store in Warsaw, making it the first ‘phygital’ retail store. Located inside the Galeria Mlociny shopping mall, Modivo is a leading online fashion retailer with an extensive catalog.

“With consumer shopping behavior already shifting online, MODIVO had the vision to bring the same speed, convenience, and cost benefits to their physical stores,” said  Mariusz Chludzinski, Sales Director Poland at PPDS. “Ensuring customers are able to have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable shopping experience. To achieve that, a partner was needed that shared the vision for innovative change to support the business and its customers – no matter how radical those ideas might seem. At PPDS, we share that vision.”

The Modivo store was designed to offer a more convenient and safer shopping experience to customers, combining the benefits of both physical and digital online shopping experience. Working with their technology partner Nanovo, a total of 110 x 55” Philips X-Line 4K Android displays were selected and installed throughout the Modivo store. 

The installation includes an imposing, near bezel-less 25 panel Philips video wall, which delivers higher luminance thanks to its built-in Pure Color Pro software. 

“The retail sector, in the future, will see some incredible changes. MODIVO fits into this transformation by offering its customers a top-of-the-line omnichannel model. It comes down to transferring the experience that customers know from the online world to a physical store’s space,” said Dariusz Sobczak, Board Member, Nanovo.  

The new futuristic Modivo store features no stock on the store floor, but instead a theatre of digital displays showcasing the latest inventory. Once a customer makes their selection, they enter their mobile phone number on a tablet to receive a unique code. The code allows access to one of eight fitting rooms. The items will be made available behind sliding doors located within the fitting room.

Each fitting room is equipped with a wall-mounted touch screen display, showing their initial selection. The displays have access to Modivo’s warehouse logistics system, giving customers the chance to view and amend their selections. Once they made their final decision they confirm their order using the display. The items will be made ready at the collection point where they are paid for, concluding the visit. 

Read the full release on their website for more information.


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