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WALL-SMART Shows Builders at IBS 2022 How to Make Popular Home Technologies Disappear with Design-Friendly Wall Mounts

WALL-SMART will showcase a variety of design-friendly flush wall mounts from its portfolio at IBS 2022 in Orlando on February 8-10. The new products will join WALL-SMART’s diverse family of discreet mounting solutions, offering effective installation solutions.

“Technology has become a necessity for most households, but that doesn’t mean the home environment must suffer from ‘wall and ceiling acne’,” says WALL-SMART Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “This is the philosophy on which WALL-SMART was conceived and bases the design of every product we develop. We think every home should be as beautiful as it is smart, and our mounting solutions give builders, architects, designers, technology integrators, and their clientele even more ways to achieve this objective with ease and simplicity.”

WALL-SMART understands the challenges builders and architects face when adding popular technologies into modern homes since achieving an aesthetically pleasing fit and finish can be difficult. WALL-SMART offers to the build/design community a range of custom-designed mounting hardware that recesses devices flush with wall and ceiling surfaces.

Each of WALL-SMART’s wall and ceiling mounts is custom-designed, -engineered, and fabricated with a specific home tech product in mind. Some of the WALL-SMART line of mounts for numerous name-brand devices, from Sonos Beam soundbars to Apple iPad tablets.

Here are some of the devices WALL-SMART wall mounts are designed for:

WALL-SMART Hides Security and Surveillance Cameras

A top-requested technology of consumers is a security camera. Unfortunately, this increasingly common household device can be difficult to hide without hindering its ability to capture video. Mounts from WALL-SMART solve this problem by drastically downplaying the appearance of IPMX-W40F and IPMX-W20F security cameras from IC Realtime without any impact on their ability to detect movement and capture real-time video. 

WALL-SMART Enables Seamless Installation of Light Switches and Electrical Receptacles

The mounts recess light switches and electrical receptacles seamlessly within wall surfaces, providing the build/design community with a more attractive solution than conventional surface-mounted options. 

WALL-SMART Clears Voice Assistants from Countertops and Furniture

The company is doing its part to minimize the visual impact of voice assistants on home environments via custom mounting hardware that recesses the technology flush with wall surfaces. Builders, designers, architects, and systems integrators can offer their customers an eye-pleasing and space-saving alternative to placing voice assistant devices on countertops and tabletops

WALL-SMART Blends Apple iPad Tablets into Home Designs

Rather than let tablets clutter countertops, WALL-SMART has developed custom wall mounts that recess Apple iPads, including the new iPad Mini 6, flush with wall surfaces. Builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators can now blend tablets beautifully into the home environment. 

WALL-SMART Conceals Wi-Fi Access Points Within Ceilings

WALL-SMART’s innovative mounts take a device that would ordinarily protrude from the ceiling and recess it completely within the surface. Builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators can deliver their customers high-performance Wi-Fi 6 connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the home environment.

WALL-SMART Tames the Appearance of Home Control Touchscreens

To minimize their appearance in areas like kitchens and foyers, WALL-SMART offers mounts for home control touchscreens from leading manufacturers, including Crestron, Control4, Elan, and Savant. 

WALL-SMART will showcase its wide portfolio of products at IBS 2022 in Orlando. For more information about its extensive line of flush-mount products and to view instructional installation videos, go to

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