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AVer Releases 4K 30X AI Auto Tracking Camera

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AVer Information announced the release of the TR333V2 4K 30X AI Auto Tracking PTZ Streaming camera, the latest in its lineup of artificial intelligence tracking cameras. The new camera features built-in advanced AI technology with a Human Detection algorithm that allows you to track your speaker or pre-set shoot zones so you’re free to present and let the camera do the rest. 

“The TR333V2 brings 4K resolution with a 30X optical zoom and great tracking options from our artificial intelligence auto-tracking platform,” said Andy Teoh, Director of Product Management, Pro AV, AVer Information Inc., Americas. “This camera provides the ultimate flexibility for our customers to use in the largest rooms to create the best video experiences.

The included firmware supports three specific tracking modes, Presenter Tracking (full or half body), Zone Tracking (for content), and Hybrid which combines the best features of Presenter and Zone modes while allowing the flexibility of tracking the presenter freely or fixed content. The TR333V2 works seamlessly with all popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

The TR333V2 can be operated with a number of AVer’s free software applications. PTZ Management software controls all AVer Pro AV camera functions from any PC operating Windows 10. CaptureShare is a powerful application that lets you easily record video, live stream, and capture still images during distance learning and real-time video conferencing. PTZ Control Panel is a mobile application for iPad users to control AVer PTZ cameras through the network. PTZ Link is a voice tracking application that works with AVer PTZ cameras and selects, professional microphone systems to track presenters based on their active voice instead of body movements.

To learn more about AVer’s lineup of auto-tracking and PTZ cameras, visit pro.averusa.com.


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