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Shure Introduces KSM11: the State-of-the-Art Wireless Microphone Capsule

Shure unveils the new KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule, the company’s new state-of-the-art microphone. Thanks to its combination of low and mid-range clarity and high-end detail, the KSM11 is already being adopted by some of the industry’s biggest names.

“When we’re looking at vocal mics, we want the mic to produce the artist in a true form. You want to be able to hear the vocal that people have come to expect. It was immediately obvious that the KSM11 was doing that better than anything else we were using at the time… it felt like a really easy step up without any effort on our part. If I was to try to sum up the KSM11 with one word, it would be ‘honest.,” said Will Nicholson, FOH for Dua Lipa.

Shure developed the KSM11 to provide the most natural, transparent, and high-clarity sound without necessitating the use of additional processing for the in-person, broadcast, simulcast, and live-streamed performances. Whether an audience is listening live at a concert or streaming the show at home, the KSM11 ensures the vocals are captured in unmatched clarity.

The KSM11 offers the full lows and clear mids typically found in dynamic microphones and the high-end detail provided by condenser microphones to deliver transparent and stunning vocal reproduction. Combined with exceptional off-axis rejection, outstanding capsule shock isolation, and plosive protection, the KSM11 presents an artifact-free artist performance to audio engineers on which to build their mix.

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“Rappers, MCs – they always cup the mic. That is the notorious problem with hip-hop. I actually talked to Shure, and I said, ‘boy, it’d be really nice if you had a mic that could do this.’ So, they sent me a capsule of the KSM11… And I was like ‘nailed it, you got it.’ It is consistent whether or not your artist cups the mic. I can just trust it. I can trust that capsule to get the job done.”

Available in black and brushed nickel finishes for use on Shure wireless handheld transmitters, this next generation in the KSM line benefits from a lighter, streamlined design. With specifically developed microphone technology for wireless, the KSM11 transducer is outfitted with a ¾” gold diaphragm and premium electronics for industry-leading dynamic range. The KSM11 accurately presents artists’ vocals with unprecedented clarity and virtually zero handling noise, thanks to its advanced suspended isolation system.

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