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Carousel Digital Signage Scales with The Good Clinic

Carousel Digital Signage is helping Minnesota-based primary healthcare provider The Good Clinic deliver valuable patient-facing communications with Carousel Cloud digital signage software.

Emphasizing a preventive care model, The Good Clinic’s approach focuses on developing strong, long-term relationships with its patients that empower them with the knowledge and tools to manage their own health and well-being. With six locations in Minnesota’s Twin Cities region and several planned for Denver this year, Director of Technology Mario Rodriguez says that The Good Clinic’s rapid growth required a digital signage software solution that could quickly scale as new locations open to patients.

“Our previous system was very basic, and we needed more advanced features that allowed us to publish different content in different zones,” Rodriguez said. “We also wanted to provide each clinic with local control of their digital signage content, considering how quickly we are growing. We will open 30 to 40 additional locations nationwide over the next few years, all of which will be added to our digital signage network.”

Carousel Cloud provides the seamless scalability and centralized management capabilities that Rodriguez sought, but its intuitive user interface provides the most value for the two-person marketing team that creates content and manages the network. “We liked how the user interface gives non-technical users a frictionless experience,” he said. “We can easily build slides and deploy them to the appropriate clinics. That was a key factor in choosing Carousel Cloud, in addition to its advanced functionality and features.”

Carousel content for The Good Clinic’s network includes healthcare tips, information about upcoming events (such as seminars on nutrition and mindfulness), reminders to book preventive care appointments, reminders about ongoing and seasonal services (e.g., acute care services, flu shots), and information about items the clinic sells in its retail environments, such as supplements and essential oils. The Good Clinic also runs regular messaging about health awareness month activities, such as National Heart Month or National Cancer Awareness Month, with calls to action to check in with the clinic’s nurse practitioners with questions. Carousel Cloud’s built-in templates, Rodriguez explains, streamline the creation of this content significantly.

“It now takes a few minutes to add the information they want to display and change images, as opposed to the hour or two it took before,” said Rodriguez. He adds that the templates, which incorporate branded color schemes, backgrounds, logos, and other visuals, provide a unified viewing experience across all locations. “When patients enter, they see that consistency from the welcome area into the consulting room. Having that template provides true consistency in our digital signage, no matter who is generating the content. That is a big plus.”

Equally important was the need to streamline the back-end systems. This, Rodriguez explains, is another reason why The Good Clinic chose Carousel Cloud. “We have a small IT group, and we rely on cloud services whenever we can,” he relayed. “Carousel Cloud quickly adds and registers media players on the network. From there the players download the content, and everything is ready to go. It’s a very practical solution for IT readiness.”

Carousel Cloud feeds BrightSign media players for digital signage in the welcome areas, while integrated Carousel Express players drive the consulting room displays. Carousel Express players also present screensaver content when displays are not live with digital signage content.

Rodriguez hopes to run personalized content in the consulting rooms with Carousel Cloud moving forward. “We’d like to have their name automatically pop up with a welcome message, and then introduce topics that they may want to discuss during their visit with the practitioner,” he added.

With The Good Clinic’s focus on positive practitioner-patient relations, Rodriguez says that digital signage offers another way for the healthcare provider to communicate with its clients. He adds that well-curated content can inspire patients to ask about specific conditions or treatments, providing further value during their visit. “When they’re in the welcome area or sitting in the consulting room waiting for their next test, having that information flow across the screen may trigger them to check into something they’ve been wondering about,” he said. “It really provides another meaningful way to communicate that information.”


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