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Typical dvLED Video Wall Blunders and How to Avoid for a Successful Install

Article from Peerless-AV

Installing a direct view LED (dvLED) video wall is no simple task. At Peerless-AV, our installation team takes extra precautions to ensure a safe yet simple and efficient installation. This week, we dive into dvLED installation blunders and provided our best tips for a successful install.

Triple Check Measurements

Our team cannot stress enough how important it is to take accurate measurements. A few things to consider before installing a dvLED video wall, is the curvature of the wall i.e. convex or concave, plum, wall plumbness, i.e. straight up and down, and mount preferences, i.e. wall, floor, floor-to-wall, ceiling, etc. From there, our team recommends taking precise and accurate measurements to not only ensure an accurate installation but simplify and shorten the overall installation process.

This month alone, we have had two (2) installations delayed because the installer failed to order the correct size Peerless-AV solution. For example, the installer purchased a 10×5 configuration when they really needed a 3×9. Let Peerless-AV help determine the proper solution for your application to avoid this all.

Be Aware of On-site Limitations or Setbacks

No matter how prepared you are for an installation, you are bound to run into slight complications. Setbacks, such as construction delays, can greatly impact the installation and requires installers to be in constant communication with their general contractor. For example, during our dvLED video wall installation at the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa, the COVID-19 pandemic caused product delays which meant the hotel was still under construction during the installation. Our team had to be extra cautious with factors, such as construction dust which can cause significant damage to dvLED displays. In normal conditions, our team typically recommends installing the Peerless-AV solution in a clean, dust-free environment and then installing the dvLED display immediately afterward. This will help avoid any accidents that can cause major problems mounting the displays, such as bumping into the installation and causing the X, Y, and Z axes to shift.

In addition to product delays, the pandemic presented another level of complexity. Due to social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, the Peerless-AV team could not be on site and oversaw the entire installation virtually.

Dress Appropriately

Similarly, we recommend dressing appropriately for the installation. Objects, such as abrasive clothing or jewelry, could seriously damage the dvLED pixels, modules, and cabinets. Therefore, we recommend avoiding such things and wearing gloves to prevent the body’s natural oils to cloud the pixels and ensure a clean installation process.

Default to the Professionals

If you are unsure of any step during the installation process, we strongly recommend defaulting to the professionals. Peerless-AV has an experienced team of highly trained professionals who have seen overcome a variety of hurdles and can accurately troubleshoot any situation. Through our SEAMLESS Integration Program, our team of professionals can assure a safe, efficient, and effortless installation.


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