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LEA Professional Powers the Next Generation of Sound in Dolby Atmos Studio

When an industry veteran was looking to build out a brand new Dolby Atmos Studio with ‘the best of the best’ equipment, he turned to LEA Professional, the fast-growing manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, pro-audio amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies to amplify the state-of-the-art studio.

The visionary behind the studio is legendary sound engineer, Joe Hellow, who has worked with some of the top artists and labels before using the pandemic experience to redefine what was next in music production. This time of discovery led him to Dolby Atmos and through a partnership with WJB Media he built out an Atmos room in Nashville, Tennessee with studio manager Jeremy Williams which is dubbed, “Lipinski Room”. The Lipinski Room Atmos studio seeks to harness the musical spirit of Nashville and provide the country-music-obsessed city with the latest advancement in the studio experience.

The studio, which runs on a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system with Lipinski speakers and four LEA Professional amplifiers, is already attracting musical talent from far and wide. This was Hellow’s first experience working with LEA Professional amps, but as a veteran of the industry, he had already heard great things about the company’s IoT-enabled amplifiers.

“Everything in this studio is of the highest standard and we could not afford to have any weak links in the chain,” commented Hellow. “Working with LEA Professional we now have the best sounding, best-looking amplifier on the market.”

The team chose two Connect Series 354, one Connect Series 702, and one Connect Series 164 to power the studio. Studio Manager Jeremy Williams said that for him, sound clarity is the reason why LEA Professional amplifiers pair so well with the Dolby Atmos system.

“What you need to have with Atmos is pinpoint precision,” explained Williams. “In a studio of our size we are dealing with potential phase issues and frequencies bouncing a lot and so between the Lipinski speakers and LEA amps, we barely touched our EQ. These are some of the clearest sounding amps on the market.”

As an experienced sound engineer, Williams explained that one of his biggest worries with amps is having a passerby make unwanted adjustments. So, in a busy studio, frequented by different parties every week, this was not something he wanted to face. With LEA Professional’s clean external interface and lack of a visible power button there is no chance of this happening. Not only this, but Williams also has full control over amp settings via the LEA Cloud platform.

All LEA Professional amplifiers leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. This cloud platform allows integrators to control and monitor critical operational data points for maintaining system health securely and remotely. Users simply create a cloud account at www.lea professional.cloud, then individual amplifiers or entire amp systems can be accessed and controlled securely, from anywhere in the world, without the need to VPN into a Local Area Network.

“The network interface is beyond anything I have seen, and the fact that I can see all four amps on a single page is a massive time saver,” said Williams.

The team’s end goal is to ensure more engineers and artists can experience first-hand the immersive effects of Dolby Atmos — including with the opening of their next studio, to be built in Romania over the coming months. When asked whether they plan to specify LEA Professional for the project, the answer was ‘absolutely’.


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