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A Fresh Look at AV-as-a-Service

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It’s not dead yet

The idea of incorporating new audiovisual equipment or updating your current AV infrastructure can be daunting. To reduce the stress of managing AV equipment, many companies are turning to AV-as-a-Service.

What Is AV-as-a-Service?

AV-as-a-Service, or AVaaS, is a subscription-based model that allows companies to use their AV equipment from an AV integrator for a monthly fee. The equipment package can be specialized to what your company needs. It is an alternative to paying large up-front costs for AV equipment. Companies and institutions can also figure in their existing refresh cycles when calculating costs and benefits. AVaaS packages often include additional services that will save you time and money down the road.

AV-as-a-Service follows a similar model to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a popular pricing model for expensive software. Software following the SaaS model allows the company to pay a monthly fee for use instead of fronting the high cost of new licenses.

How AV-as-a-Service Impacts End Users

One of the major benefits to using AVaaS is that it can reduce the costs and risks that normally come with running and maintaining AV equipment in-house. The financial benefits of AVaaS may include:

  • Easier budgeting, since one monthly fee covers equipment and maintenance
  • Better monitoring of equipment usage so that you only pay for what you need
  • Reduced AV staff

AVaaS saves you money and time in other ways.

Increased Uptime

AVaaS can increase the uptime of your AV equipment. Whether you’re using your AV equipment for day-to-day operations or for large meetings and conferences, you want it to be running when you need it. Non-functioning AV can cost you time and money, and it can be the source of endless frustration.

Most AVaaS companies can offer quick support when something goes wrong. Whether this support is remote or on-site, your AVaaS provider has the incentive to make sure your equipment is working at all times. As a result, they’ll often be ready with support to fix the issue or offer compensation if the issue can’t be remedied immediately. This helps keeps your work and meetings on track and curtails expenses due to faulty equipment.

Covered Maintenance

Having maintenance covered in your AV-as-a-service contract helps you save time and money. If you own your own AV equipment, you have two basic choices for maintenance: designate someone on your team to fix it or hire an outside expert. Both options have downsides.

If someone on your team is in charge of AV maintenance, that means you’re either keeping someone on the payroll for occasional fixes or pulling someone away from their usual tasks to look at the AV equipment.

On the other hand, if you hire an outside contractor or company for maintenance, you’re subject to their schedule and their fees.

When maintenance is covered as part of your AVaaS service level agreement (SLA), you don’t have to worry about wasting money or man-hours. The company you partner with is obligated to provide you with speedy, efficient maintenance.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If your AV equipment suddenly stops working, you may be left scrambling for a solution. This can cost your company time, money, and, potentially, clients.

With AV-as-a-service, you’re contracted through a company that’s responsible for any issues that may come up with your equipment. This means your uptime is their job; their worry. You can rest easy knowing that your AV company is contracted to perform maintenance and replace broken or failed equipment.

When you secure an AV-as-a-Service contract that includes maintenance, you can relax with the knowledge that if an issue arises, you aren’t going to have to figure out a solution by yourself. The AVaaS company will deal with any issues for you, meaning you can focus your energy on more important aspects of your job.

Choose AV-as-a-Service for Your AV Needs

Using AV-as-a-Service instead of purchasing and maintaining your own AV equipment will save you time, money, and stress. AVaaS saves you time by having someone else set up and maintain your equipment and reduces downtime. It saves you money by reducing upfront costs, making it easier to budget for your AV equipment. It also eliminates the likelihood that you will need to pay for maintenance. For some AVaaS makes sense, but not for all. Work with a trusted integrator, your department, and your accounting team to figure out if the aaS model works for you and your AV needs.


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