Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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New AVNation Almanac

One stop for Higher Ed and K-12 AV Professionals

What happens when you do research, ask what people need, and go about creating that thing? For us, you get the AVNation Almanac.

When we created the first AVNation publication of industry solutions, the Tech Bible, it was huge. Like, really big. The thing was over 500 pages, filled with insights from AV industry experts, and solutions from across the spectrum, and was enough reading to keep you company on an around-the-world trek. The feedback we got was it was a bit much.

Today’s education IT and AV professionals don’t have the time to leisurely read a tome as big as the original Tech Bible. The information needs to be concise, easy to digest, and readily actionable. The AVNation Almanac aims for just that.

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You could be looking for a replacement for back-ordered gear or get familiar with a new ask from faculty. The Almanac has you covered. There is an article from our friends at HETMA discussing higher education needs. For those in the K-12 space, or who have kids there, we look at school safety and how technology can offer safeguards.

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Help for Higher Ed AV Pros

The professionals that care for and support our educational spaces have some of the most thankless jobs in the AV industry. When you do your job right, it’s as if you’re not even there. When you don’t do your job perfectly, it is “the end of the world as we know it.” And, no, you don’t feel fine. You may be responsible for a few dozen classes or in charge of hundreds of spaces, this guide helps you do your job better. Even if that means we are helping you be all that more invisible.

Over the last few years, we have streamlined, condensed, and edited. This new publication, we’re calling the AVNation Almanac, is focused on the education space. Those in higher education as well as K-12 will find articles to give context and direction for your current circumstances. There are also solutions for conference rooms and classrooms alike.

Go check out the new, and yes improved AVNation Almanac. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would do differently. Share it with colleagues and friends. But, especially with administration. This will help them understand a bit better what you work with on a daily basis. Most of all, enjoy this labor of love. The AVNation Almanac is our way of supporting you, the frontline AV and IT teams that educate the future.


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