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AJA Gear Helps HdM Students Get Hands-on Experience with IP and HDR

At German University Hochschule der Medien (HdM), one of the most sought-after academic disciplines is Audiovisual Media. Available for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the program prepares students for careers in broadcast, production, and professional AV. Hands-on experience is a key component of that preparation, which the university supports via a robust technical infrastructure and access to industry-standard tools, including AJA gear.

In the HdM master’s program, students focus on engineering and research and integrating practical applications with theoretical frameworks. Current student-led projects of the master’s program include HdMedia over IP, which is dedicated to examining technology for video transmission over IP networks using the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, and HdMedia HDR, which delves into HD/HDR workflows within 3G infrastructure for live applications. These areas of study were chosen for their cutting-edge nature and future implications for the broadcast industry.

To build the HdMedia over IP workflow, students used AJA IPT/R-10G2-SDI Mini-Converters to create a bridge between the ST 2110 infrastructure and SDI baseband devices such as monitors. In the HdMedia HDR workflow, AJA FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converters and frame syncs and ColorBox color converters were integrated to handle  HDR-to-SDR mapping in the video workflow, which was produced in 1080p50 HD/HDR PQ. Students also used AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G recorders to record all camera signals individually.

“AJA offers reliable, up-to-date technologies that solve some of the biggest challenges in a broadcast environment. We’d been looking for strong partners for our projects who could not only help us understand and implement our ideas technically but could also support us in terms of content as students and AJA proved a perfect fit,” shared HdM Master’s Student Philipp Nöcker-Prior.

“AJA Mini-Converters are easy to set up, quick to play, and reliable, and with FS-HDR and ColorBox, we could easily use custom LUTs to convert signals as needed. These devices helped facilitate the SDR downmap for SDR end devices,” added HdM Master’s Student Paul Meinken.

In one application of the HDR workflow, students realized a live broadcast of a concert featuring artist Laura Kipp & Band in conjunction with HdM Sound Engineering master’s students. The production incorporated an array of cameras, as well as an HDR LED wall, demonstrating the possibilities of the technology.

“HdMedia over IP technology shows promise but is not yet fully matured. The industry and TV broadcasters already agree that the switch to media-over-IP technology is inevitable. Therefore, in the near future, the entire broadcast world will gradually convert their systems, which is why a basic understanding of SMPTE ST 2110 is essential,” noted HdM Master’s Student Jonas Schmitte. “In terms of HdMedia HDR, implementing HDR can significantly enhance the viewer’s visual experience on existing 3G infrastructure. With an appropriately aligned color pipeline, productions can achieve substantial quality enhancements without significant infrastructure overhauls.”

Ahead of the upcoming 2023/24 winter semester, HdM’s Audiovisual Media master’s level will be renamed “Audiovisual Media Creation and Technology.” The updated program will underscore the integration of science, design, and technology, thus positioning itself as an interdisciplinary nexus for academic exploration. As it continues to evolve, AJA gear will remain a key part of the learning experience.



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