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Common Ground Elevates Conference Spaces with Shure Stem Ecosystem for Flexible and Seamless Collaboration

Discover how one of Malaysia’s leading coworking spaces, Common Ground, equipped its conferencing spaces with the Shure Stem Ecosystem to stay on top of evolving workplace trends.

The need for flexibility when it comes to work has seen a rise in demand from coworking workspaces. Common Ground is one of Malaysia’s largest coworking community and a leading workspace provider that is invested in meeting the modern work demands of users.

The coworking spaces at Common Ground are designed to focus on collaboration, innovation, and flexibility. Increasingly, these features are being sought in the videoconferencing services and facilities that Common Ground offers to its members. The challenge for Common Ground was to remain at the cutting edge of the workplace evolution and offer users a communication and collaboration methodology that fit with the agility and nimbleness they were used to.

The solution was to create a unique conference setup that allows users to convert two conference rooms into a single, larger conference room or vice versa. With this setup, the conference spaces could serve the needs of up to 35 participants. The next step was to select a technology ecosystem that would meet the unique needs of the space and the people who would use it. The technology would have to match the flexible and seamless nature of the space, while also being able to scale up or down to meet the needs of the participants without overlapping.

Enter Shure’s Stem Ecosystem. With built-in flexibility in how the devices can be set up, it offered the option to create an ideal technology system to fit the rooms and their needs right off the bat. Looking at the components deployed, the Stem Hub Express enabled the multiple units in each room to communicate with each other and function as one ecosystem. This allowed each conference room to be unique with technology that catered to its needs.

Further emphasising the linked nature of the solution, the entire PoE+ powered system could be controlled with just a single network cable. This provides an elegant and clean setup for Common Ground that saves time and money.

While the specific circumstances and challenges of the spaces at Common Ground were unique, the big-picture questions that the coworking space was seeking answers for are the same ones that a multitude of businesses are also asking. Enabling effective communication and collaboration with a focus on clear, consistent audio experience is nonnegotiable when we look at the realities of modern work.

The Shure Stem Ecosystem provides ready and easily applicable answers, as seen with the deployment at Common Ground. Comprising the Stem Wall which is a sound bar with an integrated microphone array, the Stem Table desktop speaker phone, Stem Ceiling ceiling microphone array, and Stem Speaker conference room speaker, the ecosystem has components that can be used to uplift the conference experience in any space.

With Stem Hub and touch screen controllers, users can be assured that they have a centralised window into the Shure technology ecosystem to ensure that the potential is being fully realised. They also have the data and information ready at their fingertips to scale the technology, an option that is easily enabled by the Shure Stem Ecosystem.



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