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Campbell University Improves Gore Arena Audio Experience with Biamp Community Loudspeakers

Gore Arena has a seating capacity just under 3,100, and is used by basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams, as well as to host other indoor events, across Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.

In the process of revamping the auditory experience at the Gore Arena, it was crucial to address specific challenges posed by the former sound system. Community loudspeakers from Biamp, a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, stood out as a solution.

The Community loudspeakers from Biamp helped address one of the most evident issues–the inconsistent sound quality across different seating areas, which often left sections of the arena audience straining to discern announcements, commentaries, or even the ambiance of the sporting event. Equally, the old system lacked the desired clarity, muddling certain frequencies and diminishing the overall auditory experience.

“Once we understood the needs for the Gore Arena, Biamp’s Community loudspeaker product family was the obvious choice,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Biamp. “Through Biamp Community loudspeakers, athletes, students, and visitors can be assured every announcement and song will come through crystal clear.”

Biamp’s Community loudspeakers are celebrated for precise sound projection and the capacity to deliver crisp, clear audio throughout expansive spaces such as entertainment arenas. The wide range of products allowed the design team to tailor the sound system to the specific needs and contours of Gore Arena, ensuring an immersive and consistent sound experience from every seat in the house.

“Before the installation, the depth and clarity of the sound system was a challenge,” said Charles Phillips, Director of A/V, Campbell University. “Now, every word from the PA announcer and the lyrics in the music are clearly heard. The installation has significantly improved our in-venue experience at Campbell University. There isn’t a bad seat in the building.”

The project was spearheaded as a collaborative effort between Biamp, Campbell University staff and the team at Tri-Tronics AV, a North Carolina-based audiovisual integrator. They determined the most effective system deployment for the stadium included Community IV6 line array configurations, 20 Community amplified loudspeaker controllers, and 14 various Community loudspeakers – all from Biamp’s Community lineup.

To address the venue’s unique structural requirements, Tri-Tronics turned to a local metal fabricator to provide custom rigging for the IV6 array, as well as load testing. The results were quick and efficient, and Gore Arena’s new system is a resounding success. The choice was not merely about upgrading equipment; it was about elevating the entire auditory experience for the athletes, students, and visitors.


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