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Humly Shifts Space Booking Strategy into High Gear for Boston Business

Humly’s premium hardware solutions for the modern workplace are now prominently visible throughout all five floors of The Engine, a Boston-based enterprise that provides a professional business environment for technology innovators throughout the region. That visibility has provided immediate value for the technology innovators and facility managers that now know the precise status of nearly every private gathering space in the building, thanks to the color-coded Humly Room Display panels mounted outside their doorways.

The Engine Accelerator completed the rollout of its new Humly Room Display network in September, installing more than 50 Humly Room Display panels outside meeting spaces of all sizes, from large board and conference rooms down to small focus rooms and labs. The six-time award winning Humly Room Display panels interface with The Engine’s existing Nexudus software booking system, ensuring that all bookings automatically synchronize with corresponding Humly Room Display panels. The result is a simple and streamlined space booking ecosystem that populates current meeting details and booking status on each panel throughout the facility.

The Engine Accelerator bills itself as “a home for tough tech” and plays an important role in helping its technology residents translate breakthrough research into “world-changing” technologies through the convergence of science and engineering. The facility is a core component of The Engine Accelerator’s ecosystem, offering participants a unique combination of space, programs, and resources along with a collaborative tech community.

“Our main objective is bringing top tech founders together and putting them into a system where they can freely collaborate with each other,” said Nana Kusi Minka, Community Operations Associate for The Engine Accelerator. “Our facility has resources for chem-based, bio-based and engineering-based businesses, and being able to have all of these resources in place and supplement them with programming and networking elements allows our technology residents to get the most out of our facility.”

With an active community of innovators moving throughout the facility each business day, places to meet, gather and collaborate often come at a premium. “The Engine is a very fast-paced environment with a lot of movement, and people here need a system that can manage and track all of the activity throughout the building,” said Kusi Minka. “Our Nexudus software has been exceptional, allowing our residents to easily book spaces from their laptops and personal devices through a front end portal. Less exceptional were the previous meeting room display panels at each door, which had no direct integration to Nexudus. That often led to confusion as to whether a room was free or booked.”

The Humly Room Display panels have solved that problem. Each panel displays the room number and meeting duration along with green (open) and red (booked) bezel lighting and type that are visible from a distance, eliminating any confusion as to whether a room is available or not. Since Humly Room Display constantly speaks to Nexudus over The Engine’s local-area and WiFi networks, residents can now book an open room on the spot with the assurance they won’t interrupt an important meeting or be interrupted once theirs is underway.

Kusi Minka adds that the Humly Room Display panels was easy to install, with in-house IT staff managing all panel installation and LAN/WiFi network connections. He also shares that the on-display presentation of Humly adds a touch of class to the visual atmosphere. “Humly adds to the brand of our office,” he concluded. “As we create more meeting spaces, the expectation is that Humly’s presence will continue to spread throughout the facility.”


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