Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Derek Graham of ClearOne Delivers Predictions for the AV in 2024

AI, Hybrid, Spacial Audio keys for Derek Graham

As hybrid work arrangements cause shifts in office attendance, AV solutions will need to accommodate both remote and in-person collaboration, says Derek Graham, CEO of ClearOne.

In an interview with AVNation, Graham predicted evolutions for AV technologies in 2024 that make meetings seamless across devices and locations. Workers should be able to bring personal devices like Microsoft Surfaces into conference rooms and easily present content to all attendees. Solutions are also needed, Graham explained, for conference room systems to smoothly integrate external video calls from platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

Graham also foresees more AV technologies leveraging new generative AI capabilities, with companies like Zoom, Microsoft, Google, and Webex announcing partnerships and product updates that incorporate AI. “While today, those features are somewhat of a novelty,” said Graham, “I think the AV industry will evolve to expect those types of features as a normal part of doing business.”

Solving the WFA Dilemma

“There’s an ongoing tension between remote workers and those who want to remain remote vs companies who want people in the office”, Graham says. “This will drive technology refresh cycles.”

The root of that continued tension is the ability of students to learn anywhere. Hybrid learning is a key factor for the ClearOne CEO. Camera, collaboration technology, and AR (augmented reality) are all technologies making remote learning a possibility. As students learn from anywhere, they are expecting to work from anywhere (WFA) as well.

As the trend solidifies towards digital AV solutions, Graham believes hybrid arrangements are here to stay, though investment may tilt slightly back towards outfitting office spaces.

Derek Graham on the future of ClearOne

Asking any CEO about their company is typically an invitation for them to gush and market all the good. Graham certainly did that as well. But he was also honest about where the company stood.

“We have work to do with our dealers, and end-users. We have some great advances coming, but we need to get out there and get in front of them”, Graham says.

Highlighting a move away from a closed garden and into higher quality products, CEO Derek Graham looks forward to a host of products based on interoperable standards. “In 2016 we had a commanding lead. Now we have lost market share and these new products aim to reclaim that.”

ClearOne is leaning into camera tracking, interoperability, and the latest in AI/AR technology. It’s too early to tell the adoption these moves will have. But Graham is both realistic about where the company is while being bullish on where they can go.


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