Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Snap One Makes Managing systems (really) easy

Snap One Services for Customers, AV Dealers

Snap One has announced the launch of two new offerings – Control4 Connect and Control4 Assist – aimed at improving customer experiences and enabling integration partners to provide better service and increase revenues. The systems allow for constant, consistent upgrades, monitoring, and assistance.

The North Carolina-based firm revealed the new software and support services on 18 January after more than a year of development in collaboration with over 20 dealers in the custom integration industry. Snap One says the launch represents a move to evolve the prevailing business model towards more recurring revenues and ongoing customer partnerships. Control4 Connect and Assist also solved a significant problem the firm was having; systems not staying up to date.

Snap One Remote Support

Control4 Connect – required for all new US Control4 installs from 23 April – promises to keep systems updated, enable remote access and integrate new devices. “Customers get more control, education and confidence in using their smart home systems”, says Snap One’s CEO John Heyman.

That April 23 date is a funny one. Any system that is commissioned on or after the end of April will require this agreement. When a customer signs into the C4 app they will walk through the payment setup process. That includes selecting the “dealer of record”. Should you ever fire that dealer, you’ll drop them from your app and apply the new AV dealer. That’s how Control4 will pay the dealer for the recurring service.

Easy Button Automation

Meanwhile, Control4 Assist offers monitoring and support from a team of AV and networking experts to solve issues for $899 annually. A premium tier at $2,999 per year includes check-ins and customization. Additionally, Snap One dealers have the ability to take control of a client’s system temporarily and then release it once the system is fixed. Resellers receive monthly payouts while offloading customer service burdens.

Stay tuned to ISE 2024 coverage as Snap One heads to the show. Control4 Assist and Control4 Connect aim to give dealers recurring revenue and customers a more consistent experience.


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