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Top 5 LLM You’ve Never Heard Of

Learning from the Top LLMs

The pursuit of cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) is intensifying, with tech giants and startups releasing advanced systems at a breakneck pace. These intelligent tools are revolutionizing how we interact with technology. We are also seeing the rise of LLMs and Artificial Intelligence as well as Augmented Intelligence entering the world of audiovisual systems. What can you learn from the top LLMs currently making waves? See below.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others have unveiled models with unprecedented reasoning and language abilities. Most models boast billions or even trillions of parameters – the key benchmark of capability. Each leap in size brings AI closer to human-level language mastery.

BigScience’s BLOOM

Paris-based research collective BigScience has developed BLOOM, a trailblazing 176-billion-parameter multilingual language model that pushes boundaries for public access and transparency around evolving AI systems.

Funded by the French government’s National Research Agency, BLOOM represents a year of work from over 250 global institutions. It supports an unmatched 59 languages including 13 programming skews, enabling text generation across diverse domains.

As the first 100B+ parameter LLM available freely to researchers, BLOOM aims to democratize testing on massive models otherwise locked inside Big Tech. Scientists can probe the inner workings most companies don’t share as AI rapidly advances.

Anthropic’s Claude, our fav top LLM

Claude Top LLM
Claude Top LLM

San Francisco-based AI safety startup Anthropic has unveiled Claude, an exceptionally reliable large language model positioned as an accessible gateway to next-gen AI.

Built using a technique called constitutional AI to align systems with human values, Claude isn’t the biggest or buzziest system. But its combination of integrity, transparency, and versatility could make it the most promising everyday assistant yet.

Accessible via apps or Anthropic’s developer API, Claude manages tasks ranging from text generation to semantic search with ease. The base model even slightly bests the mighty GPT-3 in benchmarks while keeping hallucinations in check, a rarity for LLMs.

With responsible AI under intense scrutiny lately, Anthropic’s meticulous approach could mean this plucky upstart helps steer super-powered language models toward societal benefit rather than dystopia.

Google Levels Up LaMDA

Google’s constellation of AI researchers, engineers, and linguists has rapidly evolved LaMDA, short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, from a research concept to a key driver of the company’s consumer and cloud AI ambitions.

Initially launched in 2021, LaMDA pioneered transformer models attuned to human speech by training on real conversations. The latest version, LaMDA 2, recently debuted as the backbone for Bard, Google’s buzzy ChatGPT rival aimed at recapturing search dominance.

Yet Google envisions grander aspirations for its homegrown model: LaMDA 2 also opens up conversational AI for outside developers via new Google generative language APIs.

Alibaba comes into Top LLMs with Tongyi Qianwen

Chinese tech titan Alibaba Group is aggressively challenging Western AI dominance with Tongyi Qianwen, a sizable language model tailor-made for its sweeping cloud offerings.

Details remain scant since Tongyi Qianwen’s quiet 2023 rollout, locked inside Alibaba Cloud’s increasingly prosperous walls. But its capabilities appear far-reaching, crossing from text to image and video generation with ease to maximize impact across services.

Industry watchers have crowned Tongyi Qianwen an in-house counterpoint to Western innovations like GPT-4 and Google’s Bard, leveraging learnings from global AI progress to date alongside vast Chinese datasets and engineering might.

From virtual assistant Tmall Genie to office app DingTalk and beyond, expect Tongyi Qianwen LLM infused throughout consumer and enterprise touchpoints as Alibaba amplifies AI integration.

DeepMind’s Gopher LLM


London-based AI powerhouse DeepMind has unleashed Gopher, a versatile large language model proving adept at everything from fact-checking research papers to advising on sci-fi screenplays.

Crafted by top scientists from the Google sister lab, Gopher leaped past other comprehension-focused LLMs in benchmark testing centered on understanding and evaluating written content.

Boasting 280 billion parameters, the model handles intensive reasoning, writing, and even dialog with grace across scientific disciplines and more. DeepMind shared several glowing yet meticulously vetted examples of Gopher smoothly assisting engineers, authors, and clinicians.

Just don’t expect DeepMind to unleash something so powerful in the wild anytime soon. But the AI crown may have a new heir apparent in Gopher regardless.

The Top LLMs in AV

AV has leveraged machine learning, augmented intelligence, and automation for years. Biamp, Crestron, Extron, and others implement these systems to make AV end-user’s lives easier. The top LLMs are another matter altogether. These systems will provide translation services, generate real-time communication to your systems, and make supporting them a bit easier when you are across campus or around the world.


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