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ISE Day 4 Recap

Back from ISE 2024 Day 4

Writing this as my legs and feet are recovering on a Saturday, but this was a great show. I’ll put out an overarching article next week detailing the record-breaking numbers. But you can check out the ISE 2024 Press Release here.


Avocor is known for interactive collaboration displays. The company took its L Series and developed a new H Series platform. This display furthers Avocor’s expertise in collaboration, connectivity, and hybrid working. Visually, the most stunning product in their stand was the X Series.

This is not interactive. I need to say that because it’s Avocor. But the X Series isn’t interactive. This part of the spec doesn’t take away from the visuals, just lets you know what the display is capable of. The X Series is a DVLED (direct view LED). Like most DVLEDs the wall showing at ISE was modular. Avocor moved into this space because IT customers have been standardizing on the company’s other displays and were requesting a DVLED option to stay in the same family.

Christie ISE 2024 Experience

AVNation ISE 2024 Christie Experience
AVNation ISE 2024 Christie Experience

The Canadian display company brought their Experience game to ISE 2024. With an immersive experience powered by 8 Christie projectors and LiDAR, the centerpiece caught your eye immediately from the aisleway. But then this catchy tune caught your ear. Turning around you would have found bouncing, dancing pieces of art. Christie had on display a digital art exhibition that incorporates Pandora’s Box and their digital projectors. In fact, Pandora’s Box powered the entire booth. But that is normal for Christie.

AVNation ISE 2024 Christie Microtiles
AVNation ISE 2024 Christie Microtiles

Their tagline going into ISE was “experience is everything.” The Christie stand lived up to that motto. With over 1400 stands on the show floor, it’s difficult to stand out but Christie managed to do so. The company was also showing off the newest iteration of their Micro Tiles. The versatile display cubes were shown in different iterations including a “digital tower” that several customers asked to take home with them from the show.

AIMS Alliance

I appreciate open standards. I really do. Even though the industry has been bitten in the past from over-promising associations and working groups. So, I’m cautiously optimistic about IPMX. At ISE 2024 the group added more “logos” to their wall of members. These include Barco, Disney, Cisco, Bosch, and AV Pro Edge. Panasonic was even showing off the technology in their stand.

AVNation ISE 2024 AIMS
AVNation ISE 2024 AIMS

In addition, AIMS held an interoperability test ahead of the show, and “everything was green”. Now, the nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from and IPMX adds to that list. Personally, and professionally, I am rooting for an open standard to compete with the privately-held ones. IPMX took a big step forward toward that at ISE 2024.

Absen enters the boardroom

Direct View LED (DVLED) in the conference room. Not something I had on my ISE 2024 bingo card, but here we are. Absen was showing off their conference room DVLED. The company took feedback from customers asking for brighter screens and more modularity in their conference room displays. DVLED accomplishes that. Absen was displaying their solution in the 21:9 format for Microsoft Teams Front Row.

ESG (environmental, sustainability, and governance) was a thread throughout ISE 2024. Absen was touting their award-winning digital out-of-home (DOOH) AW series. This display line touts being “typhoon, storm, humidity, and salt fog resistant”. That’s quite a claim. In addition, the AW line claims it is 50% more energy efficient than competitors products, reducing the overall carbon footprint of an installation.

There’s only one of me and over 1400 stands at ISE. I missed a ton. You can check out rAVe Pubs, Commercial Integrator, AV Magazine, or Future (AV Technology and SCN) coverage. Aurora Multimedia made some noise with AI-driven AV control. Epson furthered their development of display technology. Both AVIXA and CEDIA had great education content throughout the week. You can also check out AVNation’s show page here.


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