Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Avocor Displays Optimized for Simple Integration & Control

Avocor, known for creating collaboration solutions, has introduced two new products at ISE 2024, setting new standards for performance and affordability in the industry.

During an interview with AVNation, Jeff Boggess, representing Avocor, showcased the company’s latest innovations, including the H Series and X Series.

The H Series represents a pinnacle of sleek design and peak performance, featuring PCAP technology with 40-point touch capability. Available in sizes ranging from 65 to 86 inches, with a starting price below $4,000 MSRP, the H Series offers unparalleled value for various applications, from open offices to huddle rooms.

Meanwhile, the X Series introduces a modular design in direct view LED, catering to larger spaces such as lobbies and executive rooms. With sizes of 138 inches and 132 inches ultrawide, the X Series delivers an immersive viewing experience. Its magnetized 5×5 panels enable quick and easy setup, making it ideal for deployments requiring scalability and flexibility.

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Jeff Boggess emphasized the importance of simplicity and efficiency in managing Avocor devices, highlighting the company’s Fuse Cloud Management Software. This platform provides IT professionals and facility managers with centralized control over their displays, offering features such as firmware updates, remote monitoring, and seamless integration with existing management systems and communication channels.

To know more about Avocor’s innovative solutions and to experience the future of AV technology, visit avocor and stay updated with for more from ISE 2024 and the AV industry!


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