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AVer VB350 Receives Microsoft Teams Certification

AVer, founded in 2008, is a provider of education technology and video collaboration camera solutions. Their products include AI-enabled auto-tracking cameras, enterprise-grade USB cameras, document cameras, and mobile device charging solutions. AVer is committed to community and environmental sustainability.

AVer Information Inc. USA has certified the VB350, a dual-lens enterprise-grade video bar, for Microsoft Teams, providing users with enhanced, simplified experiences and high-quality performance.

This certification ensures users enjoy enhanced, streamlined experiences and superior performance. The VB350, tailored for Microsoft Teams, simplifies video conferencing with its dual 4K lenses, AI-driven features such as SmartFrame and Presentation Tracking, and Audio Fencing technology. Its adaptable connectivity options make it an excellent choice for medium to large conference environments, elevating collaboration and productivity.

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announces the VB350, a dual-lens enterprise-grade video bar, has been Certified for Microsoft Teams. As a result, users can expect an enhanced, simplified experience with high-quality performance when pairing the VB350 with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

AVer’s VB350 integrates dual 4K lenses, delivering an expansive 113-degree field of view and versatile 18X optical zoom capability to capture vivid, detailed images across wide and deep perspectives. With its cutting-edge lens-shifting technology, the VB350 aptly captures all meeting attendees, ensuring smooth and seamless conversations. Equipped with AVer’s SmartFrame technology, the VB350 automatically centers meeting participants from up to 22 feet. The camera boasts Presentation Tracking to effortlessly track and zoom the designated speaker to maintain a high-quality image beyond the preset location. Furthermore, the VB350 introduces Conversation View, a real-time tracking feature that follows the speaker dynamically. As additional participants join the meeting, the camera seamlessly transitions to auto frame, capturing the entire group’s dynamics.

“AVer is committed to expanding our range of devices that are Certified for Microsoft Teams, reaffirming our ongoing dedication to cultivating and fortifying our alliance with Microsoft,” Carl Harvell, Director of Product/ODM+SIU for AVer USA. “The VB350 combines impressive enterprise-grade features and AI-functionality to provide a versatile and easy-to-use hybrid meeting experience solution for medium to large conference environments. Now, users can anticipate an enhanced experience with an additional layer of features that seamlessly supports and simplifies interactions with Microsoft services.”

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“A key element for optimizing collaboration in meeting rooms is a high-performance video conference camera that is smart and knows where to look,” said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft. “The AI and enhanced PTZ tracking technologies of the Aver VB350, now Certified for Microsoft Teams, enrich the dynamics of meetings for the meeting participants.”

The VB350 includes AVer’s Audio Fencing technology to ensure outstanding sound for medium to large-sized meeting rooms. Audio Fencing is designed to turn any space into an uninterrupted meeting zone by silencing any distraction outside the viewing angle. With a 14-beamforming microphone array pickup, the VB350 accurately captures resonant sound from distances of up to 32-feet away. Ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, the VB350 includes an HDMI port for TV connectivity that allows meeting participants to connect their device to a larger display utilizing a standard USB cable. With support for RS232 and Visca over IP, users gain exceptional control over the VB350, enabling them to seamlessly interact with other devices and systems within their conference room.



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