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Australian Integrator Builds a Comfortable “Nest” From Snap One Products

Snap One, a smart living technology manufacturer and distributor, offers entertainment, connectivity, control, and security solutions to residential and commercial users worldwide. It provides software, support, and digital workflow tools to integrator partners.

AudioTech, a high-end integration firm in Australia, collaborated with Snap One Partner Sean Linden to implement a comprehensive smart home solution in a luxury residence called “The Nest.” The project involved integrating various Snap One products, including Control4 automation, Araknis and Pakedge networking components, Luma surveillance cameras, and more, to create a seamless and customizable smart home experience.
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By integrating Snap One products, especially the Control4 automation system, AudioTech enhanced the customer experience by offering a one-stop solution for tech-savvy homeowners. Leveraging Snap One’s products enabled AudioTech to provide tailored and innovative smart home experiences in “The Nest,” adding playful touches to the technology while ensuring comfort and convenience for clients.

For seasoned Snap One Partner Sean Linden from Australian-based integration firm AudioTech, a critical aspect of business is offering a one-stop shop for high-end, tech-savvy homeowners. In addition to designing and deploying custom smart systems into luxury residences, his company also installs electrical cabling. It’s no surprise, then, when it came to choosing a provider of home technology, Linden turned towards Snap One. With their vast range of smart devices and systems, “they are the epitome of a one-stop shop, which aligns perfectly with our business philosophy,” Linden says. “Every project we do is touched by their products in some way.”

One of AudioTech’s most exciting Snap One projects to date is an ultra-contemporary residence called “The Nest.”

Perched on a hilltop in Canberra, Australia, “The Nest” nomenclature is symbolic of more than the home’s prominent location. The vast variety of best-in-class products integrated into this one-of-a-kind residence create a comfortable and cozy refuge for the owners.  “We were fortunate enough to have a long, 12-month planning period and clients who were very receptive to exploring a wide range of possibilities,” Linden recalls. “We had ample time to collaborate, brainstorm, and conceptualize many different applications for the technologies and the outcome speaks for itself.”

AudioTech used the ample planning time to select an integration-friendly, highly customizable Control4 system to synchronize the operation of many different types and brands of smart home devices. A member of the Snap One family of products, the Control4 automation platform would interoperate easily with the many other Snap One products chosen for “The Nest,” including Araknis and Pakedge Wi-Fi networking components, distributed AV system, Luma surveillance cameras, architectural lighting and more. Products from vendors outside the Snap One family were also placed under the supervision of the Control4 system, giving the owners a simple means of managing every aspect of their home environment from Control4 touchscreens and keypads flush mounted within the walls, remote controls on nightstands and coffee tables, and even a mobile app on their smartphones. From any of these interfaces the family can launch a Welcome scene to set the lights, temperature, motorized window shades and security system for their return home from errands or a holiday. Another scene launches a string of commands to prepare the home environment for bedtime. And what would “The Nest” be without a simple one-touch activation of a high-end home cinema? Within seconds, a Sony video projector and Anthem AV receiver fire up and deliver 4K video and audio to a 165-inch Dragonfly screen and Triad surround-sound speakers. These scenes and others were tailored precisely by AudioTech to the family’s routines and preferences.

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Familiarity with the Control4 brand by both AudioTech and the homeowners, who had used Control4 in a previous residence, inspired a highly creative approach to the automation of “The Nest.” “Our team and our clients both felt comfortable and confident enlisting the Control4 system to adjust connected systems automatically without any human interaction” says Linden. Scenarios engaged by a tap of a button are joined by those that unfold when triggered by the opening of a door, motion sensor, and timeclock. Per the owners’ request to expand the reach of their Control4 system even further, AudioTech also integrated motorized window shades, motorized panels and lifts that reveal hidden TVs, ceiling fans, electronic door locks, garage door openers, and a motorized gate at the entrance to the property. The basement, where the owner’s luxury car collection is showcased, received special attention with lighting and music easily adjustable via any convenient Control4 interface. Strategically positioned surveillance cameras also watch over the prized autos.

Certainly, the Control4 system and its connected subsystems provide the owners with a plethora of practical benefits. Still, there was a bit of fun to be had. AudioTech and the owners put their heads together to devise a few more lighthearted tasks for the multi-faceted automation system to handle. The massive motorized front door was one of the first places they addressed. Guests who press the button of a Control4 intercom station can’t help but chuckle at the perfectly timed creaking sound effects that play as the door swings open. Sound effects were applied to the elevator, as well. The Star Wars theme song plays as a motorized panel slides to reveal a big screen TV and when the elevator doors open. “Features like these add a fun twist to the technology,” Linden says. “We can’t wait to see what ideas the owners think of next. No matter what they dream up, the Control4 system and Snap One are up for the challenge.”



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