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DMF Lighting Announces Artafex, a Custom Integrator Exclusive Line

DMF offers innovative lighting technology with exceptional performance, quality, and flexibility. Their award-winning LED lights provide accurate color rendering, smooth dimming, and low power consumption, enhancing room aesthetics and energy efficiency.

DMF Lighting has introduced the Artafex line, a new series of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions exclusively for enhancing the customer experience. This line includes 2-inch and 4-inch modules, premium trims, flangeless housings, and outdoor lighting options. The Artafex modules feature True Spectrum™ technology for superior color rendering.

The Artafex line aims to provide custom integrators with advanced technology and versatile options to meet the demands of the CI channel. It incorporates True Spectrum™ technology, efficient optics, and premium trim offerings to simplify installation processes and enhance aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the outdoor lighting system is designed to elevate residential landscapes with durable, high-performance fixtures.

DMF Lighting, the leader in modular downlighting in the custom integration channel, today announced the launch of Artafex, the new product line of indoor and outdoor solutions exclusive to DMF’s CI channel integrators. Making its official debut at Lightapalooza 2024, Diamond Sponsor DMF Lighting is replacing the iX Series and DID Series for custom integrator modules with the Artafex line that now includes 2-inch and 4-inch modules, premium trims, flangeless housings, and select outdoor lighting options. The Artafex 2-inch line replaces the iX Series and the Artafex 4-inch line will complement the DID Series in the short term. Artafex modules will feature DMF’s premium color rendering technology, True Spectrum™.

“We felt the timing of Lightapalooza 2024 was right for unveiling the new Artafex line of indoor and outdoor products that feature the most advanced technology exclusive to custom integrators, underscoring our continued investment in the CI channel,” said Andy Wakefield, Senior Vice President, DMF Lighting. “The Artafex line incorporates the exclusive True Spectrum technology, more efficient optics, and additional trim offerings including Hyperbolic and Pinhole options. The demand for differentiation in the CI channel is critical and the Artafex line offers unprecedented and industry-leading versatility with superior aesthetic options purpose-built to simplify the installation process.”

Bringing Brilliance Home
Lighting is more than just brightness; it’s about capturing the true essence of color and creating spaces that resonate with authenticity.

The True Spectrum™ technology for all Artafex line modules goes beyond the eight color samples that traditional Color Rendering Index (CRI) considers. True Spectrum™ considers the TM-30 system of measurement, which studies 99 variations of light that aren’t typically represented in CRI, to provide industry-leading color rendering and richness.

Now the artwork and finishes that were so carefully selected in the home will be able to reach their full potential beauty.

Artafex modules featuring True Spectrum™ will be available to order on the portal, effective Feb. 28.

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New 2-Inch Optics and Hyperbolic and Pinhole Trims
The 2-inch Artafex modules will utilize new cross beam TIR optics that are uniquely designed with two main features: light rays are focused at the trim opening and then diverge to cover the room. The center of the optic is recessed to reduce glare, and moving the focal area near the ceiling allows most of the light rays to pass through the small aperture of a pinhole trim. This produces high efficacy, maximum light output, and minimum clipping of the light. The new optics provide proper flood or ambient lighting and minimal glare for a comfortable living space, even with traditionally challenging pinhole trims.

Artafex premium trims are offered in Micro Flange and Flangeless options. They feature premium materials, finishes, and performance. The brass trims are machined from solid blocks of brass 360 billet and, in addition to providing a beautiful aesthetic, they also reduce glare.

Artafex flangeless housing has been designed to simplify the flangeless mudding process dramatically. The dedicated flangeless housings can be installed using conventional drywall taping techniques to achieve a Level 5 finish.

The Artafex Outdoor Lighting System includes hand-selected outdoor lighting fixtures designed to elevate residential landscapes, making them the perfect choice for discerning integrators, designers, and homeowners. Painting with light to focus attention and to accentuate the natural beauty of the great outdoors elevates the everyday experience of a homeowner’s backyard. Fixtures are designed to see the light, not the fixture. The light quality and projection go further. The low-field angle reflector design puts light where it’s wanted and eliminates hot spots near mounting. Fully adjustable Glare Shield provides additional shielding and focus control.

The intelligent design of the flexible swivel/lock system provides maximum rotation for exceptional adjustability and durability. The modular LED engine and lamp design ensures lights can easily change and adapt to any outdoor environment. Thoughtfully designed weep holes keep standing water and debris from affecting the performance. They’re easy to open and service, and they stay watertight.

With premium materials and years of design expertise, DMF lights withstand environmental effects and the test of time for lifelong performance. Machined from solid aircraft grade (6061-T6) corrosion-resistant aluminum, they are then anodized and powder coated to create a highly durable, marine-grade finish that is IP67 rated for water immersion and dust protection. Every fixture is tested before shipment for water tightness and light quality.

Integrators, designers, and homeowners can choose from Accent and Landscape applications, including Path and Bollard and Flood and Wall Wash options.



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