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Crestron Masters 2024 Keynote Highlights Partnership and Modern Work

Crestron’s Masters 2024 event kicked off with a keynote presentation that emphasized the importance of partnership and the evolving definition of modern work in the AV industry. The keynote, delivered by Crestron’s leadership team, set the tone for the event and provided insight into the company’s strategies and vision for the future.

Crestron Masters Rich Sasson
Crestron Masters Rich Sasson

Rich Sasson opened the keynote by discussing the company’s focus on labs and the power of the modern workplace. He highlighted the bi-directional learning experience at Masters, where attendees and Crestron staff learn from each other. Sasson also mentioned the company’s growing number of certified programmers and engineers, as well as their efforts to work more closely with partners to create better experiences for end customers.

More Connections

Crestron unveiled its new online platform, Crestron Community, which aims to foster collaboration and idea-sharing among industry professionals. The platform is built into the online help system and allows users to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in conversations. Additionally, Crestron announced their new labs, which will be open to certified programmers and designers, as well as early access programs for software and firmware updates.

The company also emphasized its commitment to nurturing the next generation of AV professionals by partnering with organizations like AVIXA, CEDIA, and NSCA, as well as numerous educational institutions. Crestron recognizes the importance and power of the AV industry and is working with manufacturer partners to raise the industry’s profile.

Crestron Masters Level Education

Chris Sgroe, Sr. Director of global training and technical documentation, discussed the Crestron Technical Institute’s strategy, which focuses on providing up-to-date knowledge, skills, and professional recognition through blended learning, on-demand content, and in-person hands-on labs. Crestron is also making training more accessible by leveraging YouTube and aims to build a collaborative community of highly skilled industry professionals.

Brad Hintze, Executive VP of Marketing, outlined Crestron’s three core strategies: building an ecosystem of technologies that work together, being the number one choice among commercial and residential pros, and delivering consistently excellent workplace and smart home experiences. He emphasized that modern work encompasses various sectors, including enterprise, education, training, and government, and brings new challenges that require unlocking new experiences and capabilities.

Hintze also highlighted that only 3% of the workforce will be fully remote, while 7% will be entirely in-person, meaning that all rooms need to be equipped for modern work. That leaves 90% with some form of hybrid working situation. He stressed the importance of video, content sharing, intelligent video, exceptional audio, simplicity, and ease of deployment and management at scale.

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The keynote also featured Dan Noullet from Carnegie Mellon University and Dave Hatz from Room Ready, who discussed their experiences and relationships with Crestron. They emphasized the importance of standards, the evolving definition of meeting rooms, and the challenges faced during the pandemic. Both speakers acknowledged the ups and downs of their relationships with Crestron and the importance of support, warranty, and timely product delivery.

Hatz said “It was challenging during the pandemic. Over the pandemic, we shifted wherever we could. We’re in a period where we’re examining where our standards will land.”

Crestron Masters Commitment

Crestron’s leadership team also touched on the company’s commitment to sustainability, with a three-pronged approach that includes making sustainable choices as a corporate citizen, investing in ways to reduce packaging and product material choices as a manufacturer, and partnering with SAVE.

Crestron Masters Dan Feldstein & Brad Hintze
Crestron Masters Dan Feldstein & Brad Hintze

Dan Feldstein closed the keynote by expressing gratitude for the attendees’ presence and commitment. “We truly appreciate you’ve been here; you’ve stuck with us. It’s inspiring, and heartwarming that you’re still here. Our commitment is that we don’t take that lightly,” Feldstein said. By acknowledging the challenges faced during the supply chain crisis, and emphasizing the growth opportunities presented by the transformation of work post-pandemic Feldstein looks to turn the page post-pandemic. He stressed that technology’s role in collaboration tools will be a major driver of spending in corporate, education, and government sectors.

Industry Partnerships

What started 22 years ago with 14 programmers has evolved into an AV industry event.  Crestron’s Masters 2024 highlighted the importance of partnership, the evolving definition of modern work, and the company’s commitment to innovation, education, and sustainability. As the AV industry continues to adapt to the changing landscape, Crestron aims to lead the way by fostering collaboration, investing in new technologies, and supporting its partners and customers.


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