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Enterprise Connect Day 3

During the keynote at Enterprise Connect 2024, Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom, unveiled several new developments aimed at improving the way people work and communicate. Zoom, primarily known for its video conferencing platform, is expanding its offerings to address challenges faced by modern offices, such as communication overload, lost productivity, and disengaged teams.

Hashim announced the introduction of Zoom Docs, a collaborative workspace that includes notes, huddles, a scheduler, and an AI Companion. This addition is available to users at no extra cost and integrates collaboration and communication tools within a single interface.

The AI Companion, already utilized by half a million customers, boasts a 95% transcription accuracy and performs four times faster than ChatGPT-4, reducing errors by 60%. The AI Companion also extends to Zoom Phone, creating call summaries, prioritizing voicemails, and extracting tasks.

Zoom emphasizes trust and privacy in its approach to AI, stating that they do not use customer information to train their AI models. The AI Companion is included in all licenses at no additional cost, making enhanced productivity accessible to all users.

Zoom Workplace was the centerpiece of their Enterprise Connect booth. The platform now includes over 40 new features, and the Zoom App Marketplace offers 2,500 integrations. These enhancements are designed to create better business outcomes for organizations worldwide. Hashim stated, “When employees are happy, your customers are happy,” emphasizing the importance of employee satisfaction in driving customer satisfaction.

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Enhancing User Experience

Five9, a CCaaS provider, introduced GenAI Studio, a “click-and-customize” solution that allows organizations to tailor off-the-shelf GenAI models for contact center use. The studio enables businesses to control the data that GenAI can access and share, ensuring responsible AI practices. Five9 also showed off at Enterprise Connect the ability to enlist a “knowledge bank” that allows their AI to reference a private database of industry information to assist customers.

Twilio, a leading customer engagement platform provider, launched two new capabilities within its cloud-based digital engagement solution, Twilio Flex. Unified Profiles, powered by Twilio Segment, integrates customer data from various sources into a central real-time profile. At the same time, Agent Copilot leverages large language models to automate and enhance agent productivity.

Enterprise Connect AI

Lastly, GoTo, an IT and business communications solutions provider, expanded its portfolio with over 60 new offerings, including several AI-powered features. Notable additions include AI Screen Translation for LogMeIn Rescue, Admin GoPilot for GoTo Connect, AI-generated interaction summaries and sentiment analysis for GoTo Contact Center.

As the demand for personalized and efficient customer experiences continues to grow, these AI-driven innovations from industry leaders demonstrate their commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology. The third day of Enterprise Connect 2024 showcased the rapid advancement of AI in the customer engagement and communications landscape, setting the stage for a more connected and intelligent future.


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MSolutions has introduced the MS-210WP, a new 4K KVM extender set designed for reliable transfer of uncompressed HDMI and USB signals between client and host machines.

MSolutions Slims the Wallplate Profile for HDMI and USB Extension

MSolutions has introduced the MS-210WP, a new 4K KVM extender set designed for reliable transfer of uncompressed HDMI and USB signals between client and host machines.


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