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Chief Announces TiLED™ dvLED Universal Wall Mounts for Seamless Installation of Interlocking Video Wall Panels

Chief offers a comprehensive range of mounts, storage, and accessories for TVs, displays, monitors, and projectors. Recognized for its innovative features and quality products, Chief provides knowledgeable customer service.

Chief has released the TiLED™ dvLED Universal Wall Mounts. These mounts offer unparalleled flexibility and compatibility for interlocking panels, simplifying and speeding up the installation process for video walls. The mounts feature precise three-axis adjustments for flawless alignment and are designed to be highly adaptable and easy to order and install.

Chief aims to simplify the video wall installation process and provide a future-proof solution that can adapt to new display technologies. By creating a universal mounting system, they eliminate the need for custom mounts for different display manufacturers, making it easier for integrators to work with various interlocking panels. The new mounts cater to the growing demand for efficient, high-quality video wall installations.

Chief, a brand of Legrand | AV, announced today the release of the TiLED™ dvLED Universal Wall Mounts, the next generation of TiLED dvLED wall mounts that offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility across a multitude of interlocking panels. Designed for adaptability, scalability, and precision, these universal wall mounts simplify the installation process, reduce installation time from days to hours, and provide a uniform display with no misaligned pixels or gaps between panels.

“At Chief, our goal has always been to simplify the installation process, provide a seamless experience for our customers, and provide a future-proof design that can adapt quickly to market changes and new display evolutions,” said Ann Ewoldt, Product Marketing Manager, Chief, Legrand | AV. “By introducing a brand-agnostic and universal mounting system, Chief has eliminated the need for custom mounts for specific display manufacturers, making it easier for integrators to specify, order, and install interlocking panels from any manufacturer. With this innovative product, we are confident that our customers will be able to deliver high-quality video wall installations with ease and efficiency.”

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Catering to the growing demand for efficient video wall installations, the TiLED dvLED universal wall mounts boast cutting-edge features that ensure flawless installations, accommodating displays with pixel pitches below 1 mm. With its three-axis adjustments (X, Y, and Z), the mount provides precise alignment and leveling capabilities on uneven surfaces, ensuring uniform video wall installations for most interlocking dvLED displays. The double-depth adjustment mechanism ensures a perfectly flat video wall installation, while the independent column adjustment allows for precise leveling. Additionally, the independent Y-axis adjustment at each panel edge helps set a flat and level base for the dvLED video wall, while the double-depth Z-axis adjustment creates a perfectly level video wall installation.

The Chief TiLED dvLED Universal Wall Mounts are highly adaptable and stockable, making them easy to specify, order, and install. The mounts are sized for 27″ interlocking dvLED panels with plans for future size expansions and feature new floating button-capture technology and universal mounting hardware, which streamlines installation. One set of part numbers can be ordered and stocked globally to fulfill a variety of video wall installation needs. The mounts can be ordered in two-, three-, or four-panel lengths and mixed and matched with extender mounts to achieve the exact installation height needed.

The Chief TiLED™ dvLED universal wall mounts will be available to order in July and will be on display at InfoComm 2024, booth C8600.



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