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Extron Announces 4K/60 Configurable DTP3 Scaling Presentation Matrix Switchers

Extron’s AV solutions elevate experiences through cutting-edge technologies, enhancing image clarity, sound quality, and system reliability, while also providing robust asset management tools for efficient oversight of large-scale AV systems.

Extron has launched the DTP3 CrossPoint Series, a range of configurable presentation matrix switchers featuring high-performance matrix switching, advanced audio capabilities, a powerful amplifier, and a control processor, supporting 4K/60 video resolution, seamless switching, and signal extension up to 330 feet.

The introduction of the DTP3 CrossPoint Series addresses the need for versatile, high-performance AV solutions that can adapt to a variety of presentation environments. By combining multiple AV functionalities into one compact unit, Extron provides a powerful and flexible solution that simplifies installation and operation in complex AV systems. The advanced features, such as 4K scaling and audio networking, ensure high-quality performance for professional applications, making it an ideal choice for environments requiring robust AV integration.

Extron is pleased to introduce the DTP3 CrossPoint Series of configurable presentation matrix switchers. These powerful products deliver high-performance matrix switching with HDMI and DTP3 inputs and outputs, audio DSP with AEC, Dante®, a power amplifier, and a control processor, all in a single box. Industry-leading DTP3 CrossPoint® matrix switchers feature reversible DTP3 I/O ports, enabling one unit to support multiple matrix configurations to suit the unique needs of each project.

DTP3 CrossPoint 4K/60 Presentation Matrix Switchers are available in four sizes, providing flexible input / output configurations to match a wide range of system applications:

DTP3 CrossPoint 884 – Configurable from 8×12 to 12×8
DTP3 CrossPoint 662 – Configurable from 6×8 to 8×6
DTP3 CrossPoint 642 – Configurable from 6×6 to 8×4
DTP3 CrossPoint 622 – Configurable from 6×4 to 8×2

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With a maximum data rate of 18 Gbps, they support video resolutions up to 4K/60 at 4:4:4 color sampling. Extron-patented Vector 4K technology facilitates state-of-the-art video scaling on each output. Other professional capabilities include seamless switching, logo keying, signal extension up to 330 feet (100 meters) over shielded CAT 6A cable, and more. Providing complete system integration for large AV systems in a 2U or 3U enclosure, the DTP3 CrossPoint Series is ideal for AV applications with multiple source and displays and that require sound reinforcement and system control.

“Our DTP CrossPoint lineup has always provided market leading performance, functionality, and value,” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer for Extron. “The new DTP3 CrossPoint Series builds upon this tradition, taking matrix switching to a new level with added versatility and capabilities. The configurable I/O and scaling on all outputs gives plenty of design options for a wide range of presentation environments.”

The DTP3 CrossPoint Series features powerful audio capabilities such as DSP with acoustic echo cancellation and 32×32 Dante networking. They are also compatible with Extron ProDSP audio processing via the EXP port. A configurable USB Audio Interface provides easy connectivity to computer-based soft codecs and program playback sources. The new 200-watt amplifier doubles the power of the previous generation, and is configurable to drive low impedance, as well as 70-volt and 100-volt distributed loads.

Integrated ShareLink Pro wired and wireless presentation is available on select models for convenient collaboration and sharing of content from computers, tablets, or smartphones, and also brings digital signage, active learning, and video streaming capabilities.


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